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    Fixtures: Monday 14th June

    Carla tries to tackle Nina before her drinking gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Tyrone gets yellow carded when Evelyn checks out his new kit.

    Fixtures: Thursday 17th June

    Tonight's episode is a game of two halves as Curtis makes a pass at Emma, meanwhile, will Leanne take a dive in the case against Harvey's gang?

    Preview Clip: Friday 11th June

    Billy and Roy ask Nina to speak to Summer. Unfortunately it doesn't go quite according to plan....

    Preview Clips: Wednesday 9th June

    Dev and Bernie go on a 'date' and Fiz pushes Tyrone too far!

    Preview Clips: Monday 7th June

    Carla and Peter say an emotional goodbye as he goes for his operation. PLUS: Johnny puts the pub up for sale!

    Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

    This week on the Street: What will Nina do when she discovers that Corey is getting an award...

    Coronation Street lines up for a scorching summer!

    Coronation Street’s key players line up as we head for a summer of passion, drama and conflict both on and off the pitch!

    Preview Pictures: Next Week On Corrie!

    Next week: The Rovers is for sale! But who will be behind the bar? Also: Fiz goes head to head with Tyrone and Bernie is on a mission!

    National Television Awards 2021

    Nominations for this year's National Television Awards have been announced and Coronation Street is up for multiple categories!

    Preview Pictures: Next Week On Coronation Street

    Coming Up: Nina and Abi face Seb's funeral together, but the spectre of Corey threatens to ruin everything.

    Coronation Street: Words & Design

    It’s time for you to step onto the cobbles and help your favourite characters in this exciting crossword game!

    Preview: Friday 28th May

    Gary has some very interesting information for Jenny...

    Preview: Wednesday 26th May

    Daisy tries to exploit Ronnie's contacts. Meanwhile, are Emma's dreams about to come true?

    Preview: Monday 24th May

    Sharon is very pleased with herself when she spots Nick sneaking into No.8. Meanwhile, Evelyn scuppers Tyrone and Alina's plans.

    Preview Pictures: Next Week On Corrie

    Nick finds himself in a dangerous situation, can he keep himself and his family safe? Also: Evelyn is on the warpath and it’s Jenny versus Sharon!

    Preview: Friday 21st May

    Sharon stoops to a new low when her plan involves Sam!

    Preview: Monday 17th May

    Daisy is suspicious when she sees the cosiness between Jenny and Ronnie. Meanwhile, Asha has a plan!

    Preview: Wednesday 19th May

    Dev gets the wrong idea! Plus, Jenny is on her guard when Johnny is released home early.

    Loose Women: Mollie Gallagher

    Mollie Gallagher talks about filming the difficult scenes for the Nina and Seb's hate crime storyline and what it's like working with Roy.

    Lorraine: Harry Visinoni On Seb's Exit

    Harry Visinoni, joins Lorraine to reveal how his time playing Seb on the cobbles was a privilege and what the future holds for him.

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