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Preview Clips: Friday 19th July

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Hour Long Episode

Burdened with guilt, Gary calls at the solicitors’ office to talk to Imran.

Will he take responsibility for Rana’s death?

Rana's dead because of me.

– Gary WIndass

Ali calls at Maria's flat after ruining her date. Will a bottle of wine and an apology get him back into her good books?

I'm not going to let you drink that on your own, am I?

– Ali Neeson

Preview Clips: Wednesday 17th July

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Sarah suggests that if the Underworld workers forfeit their bonuses, the money could be put towards rebuilding the factory. Now that they're all share holders, will they agree?

We own Underworld. We have to invest in it's future.

– Sarah Platt


Evelyn is convinced that Roy is secretly carrying a torch for her. What will Tyrone make of this surprising revelation?

Are you seriously trying to tell me that Roy Cropper fancies you?

– Tyrone Dobbs

Preview Clips: Monday 15th July

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Suspicious Eileen quizzes Paula about how she knows Jan. Has she just imagined it?

She's got guilt written all over her face.

– Evelyn Plummer


Adam invites Sarah to the Barlow's for a family dinner but when Carla apologises for stealing Sarah's phone how will she react to the 'dream' that Gary was looking for it in the hospital?

With Gary, it was just bizarre

– Carla Connor