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Preview Clips: Friday 18th October

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7.30pm (1 hr episode)

How will a shocked David react when he sees a badly injured Josh in the prison hospital?

Come near me again and I'll kill you.

– Josh Tucker

How will Alya react when she realises Yasmeen has convinced Zeedan to sell his shares in Speed Dhal to her and Geoff?

It will all end in tears Gran.

– Alya Nazir

Preview Clips: Wednesday 16th October

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What happens when Gemma wangles free VIP tickets to County’s match but then gets stuck in the turnstile. Will she (and the quads) get out safe and sound?

Nah mate, I weren't born yesterday. No tickets, no photos.

– Gemma Winter


Shona is forced to defend her role as Max's guardian when his grandmother Marion turns up. What exactly does she want?

I am not even his mother, and I pick him up from school most days, I cook him his tea, I make he takes his medication.

– Shona Ramsey

Preview Clips: Wednesday 9th October

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It's Ken's 80th birthday party in The Rovers, and some old friends join in the celebrations.

Resist everything.... except temptation.

– Ken Barlow


David helps out a fellow inmate by distracting a prison officer. But how will he react when he's offered a favour in return?

I'm getting out soon, so I don't wanna take the risk.

– David Platt

Preview Clips: Monday 7th October

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Will Asha come clean about her problems when Dev takes her to see Dr Gaddas?

What about you? Do you want to stop?

– Doctor Gaddas


A distraught Maria attempts to save her relationship, but will a drug addled Ali be receptive to her pleas?

You know what Maria, you're dragging me down. I don't love you.

– Ali Neeson