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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Street

When Nina, Mary, Evelyn and Toyah cause trouble at a protest, will Imran be able to help? Also: Gemma’s anxiety increases and there’s heartbreak for Emma.

Interview: Alexandra Mardell

Emma is unlucky when it comes down to affairs of the heart. Alexandra Mardell tells us a little bit more about why that is...

Preview Clip: Wednesday 1st April

There's a mutiny afoot in Stillwaters and Ken appears to be at the helm!

Preview Clip: Monday 30th March

Imran has some upsetting information for David in his plan to get a divorce from Shona. Will this news tip him further on the path to self destruction?

Preview Clip: Friday 3rd April

Yasmeen sneaks onto Geoff's laptop and discovers emails from the escort agency! Will the scales finally fall from her eyes?

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Cobbles

Coming up: Watch out Geoff - Alya is coming for you! Also: Ken stages a coup and David is in big trouble!

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Mother's Day Montage

Happy Mother's Day everyone! We couldn't let the day pass without a little look at some of the mother figures we've seen on Coronation Street over the years.

Preview Clips: Wednesday 25th March

Has Alya got the better of Geoff and can Bernie convince Gemma she needs help?

Preview Clips: Monday 23rd March

David visits Clayton in prison and Ken smuggles Eccles into Stillwaters - what could possibly go wrong!?

Update: Soap Schedules

With effect from Monday 30th March, Coronation Street and Emmerdale's scheduling pattern will be changing

Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Street

Clayton's back, and he's relishing in David's misery. Also, Ken breaks the rules and Alya is desperate to help Yasmeen, what lengths will she go to?

Interview: Sair Khan

Alya is becoming increasingly suspicious of Geoff's behaviour, but will she be able to rescue Yasmeen from his clutches? Sair Khan gives us an insight...

Preview Clips: Friday 20th March

Gemma struggles with the reality of being a mother of four and Emma fears for her relationship.

Preview Clips: Wednesday 18th March

Evelyn meets up with an old flame and Alya hopes she might have found a way to bring Geoff down.

Preview Clips: Monday 16th March

Norris pleads for help from Ken while Geoff's behaviour continues to torment Alya.

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Interview: Nathan Graham meets Keegan Hirst

Nathan Graham meets with LGBT+ rugby hero Keegan Hirst to discuss James' storyline around homophobia in sport.

Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Street

Evelyn bumps into an old flame, but will they still have a spark? Also, Ken and Norris unite and Bernie is back to help Gemma.

Interview: James Burrows

It's the end of the road for Dr Ali but will Gary get the last laugh? James Burrows hints at what's to come...

Preview Clips: Friday 13th March

Ken says goodbye to Number One, while Geoff tries to convince Yasmeen to sell up and move away...

Preview Clips: Wednesday 11th March

James' sexuality is outed online. How will he handle it? Also: Ali kidnaps Maria!

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