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Bernie Winters finds herself in double trouble!

Coronation Street viewers will be seeing double next week when Bernie Winter finds herself face to face with her doppleganger.

Coming up on Corrie!

Next week: It's a whirlwind for Kelly and Aadi, Carla gives Stephen a chance and Stu makes his return to the street.

First look at what's to come!

Next week: Audrey admits to her friends about her recent feelings

Audrey to open up about suicide attempt

Highlighting the issues of mental health and the impact of loneliness in older people, Audrey confides in her friends that she tried to take her own life.

Our chat with Ryan Prescott

We sat down with Ryan Prescott AKA Ryan Connor, to discuss his current storyline!

Samia and Amy Talk Trolling

Samia Longchambon has joined forces with Love Island’s Amy Hart to shine a light on the issue of internet trolling

Coming up on Corrie!

Next week: Glenda saves the day, Ryan is arrested and Daisy is suspicious.

Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next week: Kevin loses his temper, Audrey is back in hospital and Debbie's making plans!

Inside Soap Awards 2022

The Inside Soap Awards are back for 2022!

First look at what's to come!

Next week: Kelly sees how far Gary is willing to go for her, the Platts have a surprise for Audrey, and what's making Frank feel so awkward?

All In The Name Of Love

What's next for Fiz and Phill? Plus an exclusive interview with Jamie Kenna!

Interview with Sue Nichols

We sat down and had a chat with the lovely Sue Nicholls, AKA, the legendary, Audrey Roberts.

Coming up on Corrie!

Coming up: Aadi gets himself a date, Ed has the shock of his life and things get steamy in Sally's hot tub.

Here's what's to come on the Cobbles!

Next week: Will Fiz and Phill get hitched without a hitch?

Preview Pics: Coming up on Corrie!

Next week: Spider is back! Also: the trolls are out for Maria and Peter is pushed to his limits.

Jodie Prenger Sails Into Weatherfield!

Things are about to take a turn for the better for George when a familiar face arrives in Weatherfield - his sister Glenda, played by Jodie Prenger.

Stephen Is Back!

Todd Boyce is stepping back into Stephen's shoes, but what lies ahead for him and the rest of the family?

First Look At What's To Come!

Next week: The Platt family are shaken!

Wendy Crozier Returns!

She's back! We sat down with Roberta Kerr to talk about what it's like to return to the cobbles.

Preview Pictures: Imran's Funeral

Next week: It’s time to say our final goodbyes to Imran.

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