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Preview Clip: Friday 10th July

Geoff returns to work at Speed Daal, much to Alya and Ryan's dismay. What is he planning?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 8th July

Roy realises that Evelyn feels too old for romance, so he assures her that age is no barrier. Will this change Evelyn's mind on Arthur?

Preview Clip: Monday 6th July

Having been asked by Alya, Sally goes to visit Yasmeen to discover the truth about why she attacked Geoff. But Yasmeen tell Sally about the abuse she suffered?

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Sally visits Yasmeen in prison, but what will she find out about Geoff? Also: Leanne struggles to control her emotions and Abi is faced with a dilemma. 

Preview Clip: Friday 3rd July

Scott is intrigued when Jenny explains that Johnny was all set to return with her but opted to stay in France.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 1st July

Simon overhears a distraught Leanne tell Steve that Oliver is all she ever wanted and when he dies she will have nothing. How will he react to this news?

Preview Clip: Monday 29th June

In support of Emma, Alina cancels her drink with Seb and insists that they can't sneak around. Is this definitely the end for them?

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Oliver is diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease, as the news reaches extended family members, it brings out unexpected shoulders to cry on.

Preview Clip: Friday 26th June

Having been invited to the flat by Shona, David is hopeful that maybe things might get better between them. But is he right?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 24th June

Daniel opens up to Nicky and tells her all about Sinead. Can she offer him the help he needs?

Preview Clip: Monday 22nd June

Carla spots the Gazette's headline about an assault on the Brightwell Estate. Were Jordan and Chelsey the victims? And was Peter involved?

Coronation Street and Emmerdale Specials

Fans of Coronation Street and Emmerdale will get three new soap specials to watch alongside regular new episodes this Summer on ITV.

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

Shona is taking steps to recover, but are they in the right direction? Also: Carla is perplexed at Peter’s behaviour and Oliver has a day out.

Preview Clip: Friday 19th June

Daniel is having a good time with a woman called Nicky. When she suggests they make a night of it, Daniel agrees. Is this a new start for him?

Preview Clip: Wednesday 17th June

Chelsey returns to the pub with Jordan, who reminds Carla that she had better pay up for the drugs she destroyed. What will Carla do?

Preview Clip: Monday 15th June

A menacing Geoff tells Sally she is forcing Tim to choose between his dad and his wife and the stress could kill him. What will Sally decide to do?

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Corrie Returns To Filming

The Coronation Street actors reveal what it's like to be back filming on the cobbles again after lockdown.

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Street

Carla is visited by another stranger from her past, but will she be able to hide the truth from Peter? Also: Geoff is on the warpath and Daniel has some fun.

Preview Clip: Friday 12th June

Carla questions Sean about the young girl in the pub. He says they spoke briefly but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Preview Clip: Wednesday 10th June

Gary tracks Laura down and promises to ensure Rick keeps paying her living expenses if she’ll take Kelly back under her wing. Will she agree?

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