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Preview Pictures: A Matter of Life and Death

Coming up on the Street: Gary and Maria become closer, Emma faces a dangerous operation, Daniel struggles to cope with the grief, Gail returns to the cobbles as David faces his day in court and a trip to the seaside turns into a matter of life and death for Gemma and Chesney.

Gary and Maria get closer

Bethany quizzes Maria about her feelings for Gary. But while Maria insists they’re nothing more than mates, Bethany reckons she should go for it.

Later, Tyrone invites Maria and Gary to a Halloween party. To Maria’s amusement, Gary arrives wearing a zentai gold bodysuit.

When Gary suggests they could meet for lunch, he's delighted when Maria readily accepts.

An 'eventful' day out to the seaside

Gemma and Chesney are horrified to see that in her magazine interview Bernie has painted Chesney as a love rat, claiming it made a better story.

Escaping the cobbles for a day out to Llandudno. In a cable car, Chesney's romantic intentions are rudely interrupted when Gemma suddenly goes into labour

Having pulled the emergency brake, as the cable car swings in the breeze Gemma panics whilst Chesney calls an ambulance. Is Gemma about to give birth up in the clouds?

Later back on solid ground, Gemma eases herself out of her hospital bed and gazes at her four babies with awe and trepidation.

However, she's worried when she is told she is being discharged but the babies must remain at the hospital.

She's also furious when she discovers Bernie has made the quads their own Instagram account.

However, Cathy then tells a stunned Gemma that she has used the quads Instagram account to get them a free room at an upmarket local hotel as long as they can use the ‘Cable Car Quads’ as promotion.

Gail lays down the law

Gail calls the family together at No.8.

She tells them she’s sick of all the infighting and it’s time they pulled together.

David faces his day in court

Having been charged with the attempted murder of Josh, a worried David prepares for his hearing. But Abe urges him to stick to the story unless he wants to end up like Josh.

Gail, Sarah, Nick and Shona attend David’s hearing in the Magistrate’s Court to hear David, Abe and Tez all plead not guilty to the attempted murder of Josh.

To the family’s horror, David is refused bail and remanded in custody until the trial.

Geoff gets his feet (even more) under the table

Clearly enjoying his new owner status, Geoff invites Sally, Tim, Abi and Faye to join him and Yasmeen for dinner at Speed Daal.

When Geoff announces he’s nipping out for some wine, Yasmeen worries that Alya will disapprove.

Jade plays the dutiful friend

Fiz takes a call from her Mum who reveals she’s had an accident and is in hospital. Jade assures her she’ll look after the girls while she goes to see to her Mum.

But when Hope hears Fiz’s plans to go away, she becomes upset and angry.

Daniel struggles to cope with his grief

Having been earlier defended by Daniel, Bethany can't walk by when she sees Daniel struggling with his grief.

Offering him a shoulder to cry on makes all the difference to grief stricken Daniel.

But Beth is furious when she finds Bethany comforting Daniel and accuses them of having an affair before Sinead is even cold.

Ali loses control

Ali assures Toyah that he’s gradually weaning himself off the diazepam and he’s in control.

But Ali, Steve, Maria and Gary find themselves in hospital when Emma has a ruptured appendix and needs an emergency op.

Steve is furious when he finds out Ali told her earlier she only had food poisoning and accuses him of medical negligence.

Preview Clips: Friday 25th October

Coming up on the cobbles...

7.30pm (1 hour episode)

Gail steers Bethany back to No.8 and offers her words of comfort in her despair over her betrayal of Sinead. But will it make a difference?

The universe threw you together out of chaos. You had no control over the forces around you.

– Gail Rodwell

In heartbreaking scenes, Sinead tells Daniel that he needs to learn to move on once he's managed to mourn her loss.

Don't forget about me.... but do forget about me....

– Sinead Osbourne

Preview Clips: Thursday 24th October

Coming up on the cobbles...


With Beth’s help, Sinead records some messages on Daniel’s laptop for Bertie, determined that he should know just how much she loved him.

I love you... very, very much. I do you know. Lots and lots like Jelly-Tots.

– Sinead Osbourne

Preview Clips: Wednesday 23rd October

Coming up on the cobbles...


In the aftermath of the prison riot, and Daniel's guilt at his betrayal of Sinead, Shona, Bethany and Daniel try to process the heartbreaking and turbulent events of the last 24 hours.


Imran visits David in prison and tells him about the evidence which is doing the rounds that implicates him in Josh’s stabbing. Is David telling the whole truth?

If you want me to keep representing you, you better tell me exactly what happened.

– Imran Habeeb

Preview Clips: Monday 21st October

Coming up on the cobbles...


Abe tells David about the upcoming riot and how, amidst the chaos, he'll have a chance to get revenge on Josh. But will David risk it all for vengeance?

Bet you never thought you'd get a chance like this?

– Abe Crowley


Having found a grief stricken Daniel sobbing in the ginnel, an comforting embrace from Bethany leads to a kiss between them. But has someone witnessed their betrayal?

You are an amazing man who made me believe in myself, and I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life.

– Bethany Platt

Preview Clips: Friday 18th October

Coming up on the cobbles...

7.30pm (1 hr episode)

How will a shocked David react when he sees a badly injured Josh in the prison hospital?

Come near me again and I'll kill you.

– Josh Tucker

How will Alya react when she realises Yasmeen has convinced Zeedan to sell his shares in Speed Dhal to her and Geoff?

It will all end in tears Gran.

– Alya Nazir

Preview Clips: Wednesday 16th October

Coming up on the cobbles...


What happens when Gemma wangles free VIP tickets to County’s match but then gets stuck in the turnstile. Will she (and the quads) get out safe and sound?

Nah mate, I weren't born yesterday. No tickets, no photos.

– Gemma Winter


Shona is forced to defend her role as Max's guardian when his grandmother Marion turns up. What exactly does she want?

I am not even his mother, and I pick him up from school most days, I cook him his tea, I make he takes his medication.

– Shona Ramsey