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Exclusive: David The Dog

We've had an amazing year and that's in no small part due to this little chap!

David the Dog tells us all about doing his own stunts, working with his co-stars and what it's like to be nominated for an NTA... (Sort of!)

Watch our exclusive interview with David The Dog and show your support for Team Corrie in the National Television Awards.

Preview Clips: Friday 25th January

Coming up on the cobbles...


Suspicious Tyrone follows Evelyn to a random house, until a policeman confronts him demanding to know what he's up to! Will Evelyn back up his story?

I was just telling him that we were looking for you cat... remember?

– Tyrone Dobbs


Sarah plays with fire, as her and Adam flirt over a bottle of wine. Will this end in disaster?

I'm sorry, it's just my default mode flirting.

– Adam Barlow

Preview Clips: Wednesday 23rd January

Coming up on the cobbles...


Abi has a job interview, but when she gets questioned about the gaps in her CV will she get creative with the truth?

You just hear the word Botswana and you feel like you have to go there, so I did.

– Abi Franklin


Roy is shocked when he gets a phone call to say that Sylvia’s had a heart attack and is near the end. Will he accept Carla's offer to help?

I have dealt with grief before.

– Roy Cropper

Preview Clips: Monday 21st January

Coming up on the cobbles...


Sinead meets baby Bertie for the first time. Will he be okay?

Hello Bertie.... it's Mummy.

– Sinead Tinker


Liz helps a nervous Amy break some massive news to Steve and Tracy, but how will they react to her bombshell?

It's alright because EVERYONE is going to stay extra specially calm!

– Liz McDonald