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21 Reasons Sophie Webster is Awesome!

Sophie was originally called Lauren!

When Sophie was born, Kevin and Sally named her Lauren, but switched to Sophie after 3-year-old Rosie wouldn't call her baby sister anything else.

Going for a Ransom

Sophie, with her mum and sister, were held hostage by Sally's boyfriend Greg Kelly in 1999! Don't worry though, they all got away in the end!

Apple of Kevin’s eye

There's no denying, Sophie is definitely a daddy's girl - Kevin never really stood a chance!

Rat Features

For her tenth birthday, Kevin and Sally gave an unimpressed Sophie a guinea pig, which she named Rat Features. She had wanted a dog, and promptly auctioned off the guinea pig to her friends!

Ever the Entrepreneur our Sophie!

Making Friends

In 2004, attention-starved Sophie invented an invisible friend called Ebony Rae.

We'll be your friend Sophie!

Keeps Sally in Check

There are not many people that can set snobby Sally straight and get away with it. Who's supposed to be the parent again?

Spiritual Sophie

In 2009, Sophie stunned her parents when she announced she was adopting Christian values much to the delight of Emily. She was soon baptised and even joined the church choir.

She’s a clever clogs

Sophie received all As and A*s in her GCSEs, except for one B in Religious Studies. Isn't she a smart cookie!?

Sophie tells it like it is!

Sophie is never afraid to speak her mind! We wouldn't want to be on the end of one of her rants mind you!


Arguably the love of her life. Sophie plucked up the courage to kiss her best friend Sian and the two started going out!

High Spirits

Upset Sophie got drunk and fell from the roof of the church, ending up seriously ill in hospital.

Sophie doesn't drink anymore...

Wedding Belles

Her happily-ever-after with Sian wasn't meant to be after Sophie struggled with her vows on her wedding day (she also kissed someone else but we won't dwell on that).

Sian left Weatherfield heartbroken and it took quite some time for Sophie to move on.

Psychic Sophie

Sophie (with the help of Chesney) managed to convince her neighbours that she was psychic, knowing things that had happened before she was born.

The truth was that she'd found Ivy Tilsley's diary, which revealed quite a few things that were probably best left buried...

Here Miss!

Sophie was sent home on her first day of school because she wasn't on the registers.

Sally was furious when she found out but apparently she did not fill in the application forms properly...

Robbing hood

Sophie stole £20,000 of Kevin's lottery winnings to donate to a bogus charity. It's fair to say he wasn't very happy...

Life Saver

Sophie spent her 18th birthday in hospital after she was hit by a car trying to save Ryan Connor.

Christmas Angel

On Christmas Day 2013, Sophie decided to go and work at a soup kitchen and forced Sally to come with her!

Sally wasn't impressed when she went head-to-head with Maddie.

Found love in a Hopeless Place

At the soup kitchen Sophie met Maddie and attempted to befriend her despite her bitterness.

Sophie and Maddie later begin a wonderful relationship together.

Nobody's Fool

Sophie was the only person to saw through Jenny Bradley's dastardly plans.

Champion of the Underdog

If you need help, Sophie will be there for you. You don't even have to be human - as Eccles gratefully found out when Tracy was looking to put her down!

She's Stronger Than She Looks

Unlucky in love, Sophie had to watch her girlfriend Maddie get blown up in an explosion.

Even after such tragedy Sophie held it together and gave Maddie the send off she deserved.

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