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5 Corrie moments coming up next week that we can’t stop thinking about

We've got an action packed week coming up on Coronation Street, here are 5 moments that we can’t stop thinking about...

1) Gary & Maria’s Wedding

Will they? Won’t they? Does Gary still love Sarah? Does Sarah still love Gary? Does Maria have any idea what’s going on? And most importantly, when is Adam going to get a spin-off detective show?! 

So. Many. Questions. And it looks like David has some too.

2) Abi’s Accident

There’s no arguing that Abi has had it tough recently, so deciding to go and say her final goodbyes to the twins is the kind of heartwarming scene that we all deserve. But, this is Coronation Street and, as we know, things are never going to be that easy…

Will Abi be okay?!

3) Timmy In The Middle

Is anyone not cheering for joy as one-by-one those around Geoff start to question what he's really like?

But what do you do when you’re fed up of your dad and your wife being at war? Go stay with your sister-in-law, of course! 

4) Nicky's (Quite)Decent Proposal

Grieving Daniel has a Sinead shaped hole in his life which he is just desperate for Nicky to fill.

But when Nicky gently suggests that he should stop wasting money on her and talk to his family, it’s clear that it's going to be much more difficult to Daniel to give up their arrangement.

Can she make him see sense?!

5) Billy and Paul's Rocky Road

We have a strong suspicion that there’s trouble on the horizon for Billy and Paul. 

We know three things:

1. Billy is acting out of character

2. Paul isn’t at all impressed

3. Mary and Sean are involved somehow.

But we guess we all have until wait for next week to see what they’re up to...

In the meantime, catch up with all the latest Corrie and get ready for the upcoming drama on ITV Hub

Logo of Coronation Street
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