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5 Reasons We Are Going To Miss Jason Grimshaw

As our favourite builder heads off for sunnier climes we wanted to take a moment to look back at what made Jason Grimshaw so great!

Look At His Little Face

He's just so cute! We first met Jason back in 2000, when he ran all the way to the Battersby's to find Eillen, after getting bored at his dad's house.

Butter wouldn't melt...

Clothes just seem to fall off him!

We're not sure how it happens but Jason often ends up in situations where he's not wearing his top...

We can't think why... Can you?

He has a weakness for the ladies

It's fair to say that Jason is pretty unluckily in love. He just can't catch a break the poor guy...

Violet was Jason's first serious girlfriend, until she kissed Charlie behind his back and he had an affair with Sarah...
Sarah caused a rift between Jason and Todd, having been in a relationship with both brothers.
Things looked good for a brief time with Tina, but the Platt family have a tendency for messing things up for Jason (and we wonder why Gail and Eileen don't get along!)
Jason and Rosie were going to be Weatherfield's answer to David and Victoria Beckham but unfortunately she left for London without him.
Jason had a brief affair with Stella, which caused all sorts of trouble with Karl who started a vendetta against our favourite builder.
Jason would later get with Eva (Stella's daughter - awkward!) but things went south with them after Todd convinced Jason she was having an affair with Tony!

He loves his mummy

The most important person in his life is his Eileen - where would he be without her?

And he loves a bacon butty

Jason's happiest when he's filling his face with food surrounded by his friends and family - you can't say fairer than that!

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