Coronation Street

5 Supernatural Reasons Coronation Street Is The Spookiest Place To Live

Martha Longhurst's Ghost

Rover's regular Martha Longhurst died of a heart attack 1964 but 11 years later, barmaid Betty Turpin believed she saw Martha's ghost sat in the snug.

Betty along with Annie Walker were scared half to death when Martha's glasses were suddenly found on the bar, but the mystery was solved when a customer later came in to claim them.

The Great Orlando

Famous Hypnotist, The Great Orlando made a Halloween appearance in the Rovers back in 2001.

With great skill he managed to bring formidable Blanche under his power, convincing her beyond the shadow of a doubt that Norris was in fact the devilishly handsome Yul Brynner - lucky Norris!

The Exorcism Of Ivy Brennan

Ivy Brennan passed away in 1995, but a few years later Vera Duckworth had the fright of her life when she bumped into Ivy's ghost on the landing of number 5!

Vera was sure she had seen Ivy's ghost when she had gone upstairs to use the toilet and Sarah Platt became convinced that she had also witnessed her grandmother in the house.

Don Brennan later solved the matter by hiring a fake exorcist to drive Ivy's spirit away.

Norris' Seance

In 2004 Norris was adamant that the Kabin was being haunted by a restless spirit!

Dragging Vera, Blanche and Betty to his aid, the quartet tried to call upon Vera Laomax who had died in the spot now occupied by The Kabin's stockroom.

Unfortunately, the 'hauntings' were later found to have been caused by damp...

Jack and Vera Reunited

As Jack slipped peacefully away in his chair, he was greeted by his beloved wife Vera who had passed away in 2008.

The two shared a final dance before Vera helped him cross into the afterlife to join her there.

Are you waiting for me my swamp duck?

Jack Duckworth
Coronation Street