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7 Reasons To Tune Into Corrie Next Week

Not that you need any incentive, but here's a rundown of the dramatic action in next week's episodes!

1. Hen Dos and Stag Don'ts

At Toyah’s hen party, Leanne tells her that she has her blessing if she's sure she wants to marry Imran - phew!

But as the sisters hug, are they both just burying their concerns?

Meanwhile, Imran's stag do is well under way!

That is until Abi turns up and tells him she still intends to fight him every step of the way for custody of Alfie.

2. Daniel Plays The Hero

Daniel rails at Max for ruining Nicky's life but as David jumps to his son's defence they know he's pushed him too far. Is it about time Amy learnt the truth?

With no job and nowhere to live the future is looking bleak for Nicky.

Feeling guilty, Daniel offers her a room in his flat. We're sure that'll raise a few eyebrows...

3. Max-ed Out

Max plans to tell Amy the truth about what he did but before he does Amy misreads one lad’s admiring glances and throws a cup of coffee over him believing he could have been the one to spike her drink. 

Later, Max decides it's better not to stick around but accidentally lacerates his leg on some broken glass in the barbers door.

Losing a lot of blood, Max collapses onto the street. Will he be found in time?

4. Curiosity Killed The Cat

We're not saying it sounds suspicious that George won't let Eileen stay at his house, but blaming it on Ridley, his over protective cat, is too much for anyone to bear.

So of course, Eileen ropes in Sean to go snooping with her and George catches them red-handed!

*Don't worry, the cat is fine!

5. A Hard Conversation

Sally tries to broach the subject of their disastrous love-making, but Tim refuses to discuss it, leaving Sally annoyed. 

6. Simon's Vendetta

Simon calls at the factory and publicly shames Jacob for his violent, drug dealing past. What will Carla have to say about these revelations?

7. A Thorne In Aggie's Side

Aggie is a little worried when she is drafted to a different ward at the hospital as her new boss, Mr Thorne, is known to be a stickler. Will they get on okay?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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