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Day Thirteen

As the cold weather sets in, affairs of the heart will send temperatures soaring this Christmas. Forbidden loves and dangerous liaisons will leave many of the neighbours hot under the collar despite the icy air.

Familiar faces bring gift wrapped secrets to the Street meanwhile others have lies snowballing out of control - it’s clear the Weatherfield residents are well and truly on this year’s Naughty List.

Expect the Yuletide season to go off with a bang… and we don’t just mean the Christmas crackers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Eva as she gets set to spend the holiday season with Aidan, blissfully unaware that he is in love with neighbour and new found best friend, Maria.

With Christmas traditionally being a time for family, how long will it be before Aidan’s buried affairs of the heart bubble to the surface?

Maria’s Christmas isn’t looking too merry as she faces time behind bars for her illegal marriage.

Staring prison in the face Maria hits self destruct; embarking on a steamy fling with the newly returned Adam Barlow while trying to bury her burgeoning feelings for Aidan.

And, although Aidan and girlfriend Eva continue to support Maria, Aidan can’t get their one night stand out of his head and his jealousy towards Adam explodes leading to a ruckus at The Rovers.

With a choice to make, will Aidan keep his head and stand by Eva or follow his heart and Maria to the courtroom?

From the moment he arrived on the cobbles, Adam has been mischief-making and this Christmas will be no different.

Weatherfield’s latest ladies man has his sights set firmly on a vulnerable Maria and after her rough ride with Aidan, she is easily tempted by smooth Mr Barlow.

Fitting for the holiday season, Adam is bound to leave Aidan not only green with jealousy but also seeing red...

Daniel abruptly landed in Weatherfield as Ken’s long-lost son with more on his plate than a Christmas dinner!

He brought secrets to the Street that he had been harbouring for years but with the support of his new found family, Daniel has felt the sense of security that his has been missing for so long.

Could it be things looking up for the bookish Barlow or will he continue to ruffle more feathers than a turkey on Christmas Day?

It’s Christmas Day when the youngest of the Battersby clan returns to the street she left fourteen years ago.

However, Toyah is all grown up now and as she seeks support from Leanne after an almighty row with her husband, it’s clear that she is running away from more than just her marriage...

Leanne meanwhile is planning a cosy family Christmas, as she and Nick look forward to the arrival of their baby in the New Year.

But as we all know, this baby isn’t Nick’s, it’s Steve’s, and as the pair desperately try to keep up the act, old emotions stir and jealousies are reignited.

As Nick is convinced that Peter is after Leanne, the gloves come off and Nick fights to hold on to his makeshift family with Leanne caught in the middle of her loves past and present.

Romance is in the air for the Street’s star-crossed lovers, Sarah and Gary.

Both eager to put the turmoil of 2016 behind them and start a sunny chapter together, the pair are full of Christmas cheer.

But, when Bethany feels frozen out, harbouring her secret crush, the couple may find their warm, cosy Christmas Day takes a sinister turn with events set to give Sarah chills.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street