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All In The Name Of Love


After being jilted by bride Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) on their wedding night, next week sees an in denial Phill (Jamie Kenna) pull out all the stops as he attempts to woo Fiz once more. 

Last night’s shock episode saw Phill dumped at his wedding reception, after marrying the woman of his dreams, while Fiz ran back into the arms of ex Tyrone (Alan Halsall).

But unaware that Tyrone is the reason for Fiz’s change of heart, Phill embarks on a series of stunts to prove the depth of his love to Fiz, including this grand gesture with a Mariachi band! 

Jamie Kenna who plays Phill explains: “I think love is blind and love can make us do very, very out of character things. So he goes through pretty much a full wardrobe of dress up clothes in an attempt to create certain scenarios to win her back! He just tries every single thing romantically he can think of but from the outside looking in it's kind of painful and cringe worthy to watch bless him.”  

Can Phill make his bride fall in love all over again or is Fiz’s heart truly back with Tyrone?

Interview with Jamie Kenna

So it looked like Phill had finally got what he wanted, then after the wedding Fiz hit him with the bombshell that she’s made a mistake and she doesn’t love him, how did Phill feel in that moment?

It’s absolutely devastating, the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down. It’s his perfect day, with his perfect woman, it’s the moment he’s been waiting for his entire life. He’s got his grandmother's ring, whose dying wish was for him to give it to someone he loves, which he does. They’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve got over the sabotage going on but they’ve finally made it down the aisle. She looked him in the eyes, there was a little stumble at the wedding but it’s all good, they’ve got over everything as far as he’s concerned. So it’s utter shock. That being said he's not stupid. I think he senses throughout the day that something's maybe not quite right, so when Fiz turns round and says she needs to speak to him, I think he knows. But it's just utter devastation, there's no other word for it, his world implodes.

Is he prepared to accept that or does he still think there’s something there worth fighting for?

I think he definitely will feel that there’s something there worth fighting for. I think he'll put it down to a bit of cold feet, after all they’ve been through a hell of a lot in the last year, so I don't think he'll just give up, I don’t think he’s that sort of guy. I think he'll fight for her because he loves her so much, he would literally rather die trying, I don't think it’s in his nature to give up.

Does he not realise it’s to do with her feelings for Tyrone?

No, I don't think he does. Again he's not stupid, he knows that Tyrone still has feelings and there's history there and that will be running through his head, but there’ll be a million options running through his head as to why this has happened. That being said it'll be one of the things going through his mind but I think he'll dismiss it because he’ll think well if it’s that why has it not happened before. If she wanted to be with Tyrone she’s had plenty of opportunities, with the book, the mistakes that Phill's made, the fact she moved back in with Tyrone. So I don't think it’s his number one choice as to why this has happened.

He actually turns to Tyrone for support, which is a bit ironic considering the circumstances, does he view Tyrone as a mate?

Yeah, I really do, I think it's bumpy and they've certainly had their moments, concrete being one of them, but I think there's quite a lot of similarities and they've got quite a bit in common. The two of them in a different world would have been really good mates. It's a slow build but Phill thinks they’re becoming really good friends. And Phil definitely sees a world where very comfortably all three of them can exist with the girls as a centre point.

So how would he feel if he knew Fiz was back with Tyrone behind his back?

I really think if he found out that it was anything to do with Tyrone the double betrayal of that would be devastating. It would be a double whammy because he's come to the street and he's built a network but it's all around Fiz, and Tyrone has become a good friend. He's becoming a better friend by the day, he's helped to kind of manufacture this situation, he helped Phill find the engagement ring, he put in a good word, so if he was to find out that it was something to do with them two it would be a double loss and a huge double betrayal.

Tell us some of the things Phill does to try and win Fiz back round?

I think love is blind and love can make us do very, very out of character things. So he goes through pretty much a full wardrobe of dress up clothes for one to attempt to create certain scenarios to win her back, a tuxedo being once, a long trench coat being another! He just tries every single thing romantically he can think of and it's one of those situations where he can't see it’s failing because love is blind. But from the outside looking in it's kind of painful and cringe worthy to watch bless him. But you can't see the wood for the trees when you're in that situation.

Obviously it’s a very emotional time for Phill but have you enjoyed finding some humour in his attempts to woo Fiz?

It’s a gift, as an actor I've been so lucky to come in to this iconic show and have a character that makes such an impact, to marry Fiz that's a big thing in itself so to then to go through marrying Fiz, losing Fiz and getting to play all that emotion, including the beautiful scene in the kitchen with Jennie, who’s such a brilliant actress has been incredible. Then to get to play Phill going through this series of ritual humiliation in an attempt to win her back it's been so much fun for me and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. A couple of the directors who have been involved and have let me run with it and do my thing which has been great. I think I must have said at some point that I don’t mind singing because they've pretty much gone through all of the archives of 80s and 90s music and got me to sing pretty much every song! Be careful what you wish for that's the moral of that story.

Can he win her back, do you think Fiz has made the wrong decision?

Yes, I think Phill absolutely thinks he can win her back and that she’s made the wrong decision. And he's such a nice guy that he's so willing to forgive her. Even though she's jilted him on the wedding day, done it while their friends and family are dancing and doing karaoke and left her own wedding, he's still prepared to forgive her. He understands what she's been through and he loves her unconditionally. So yes he definitely thinks he can win her back.

If you missed last week's drama, you can watch it now on the ITV Hub!

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