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Alya and Dee-Dee Lay Down the Law

Alya and Dee-Dee lay down the law

Coronation Street’s latest double act Alya Nazir and Dee-Dee Bailey are set to join forces as legal hotshots. 

The pair have already proved that they mean business after they came together to fight for justice for Stu Carpenter; clearing his name over a crime that he did not commit and putting the real murderer behind bars.

And now the dynamic duo are teaming up for good as Dee-Dee suggests to Alya that she’d love to take her on as her legal secretary and train her up (Monday 14th November) and Alya happily accepts. 

In these exclusive pictures, the dream team show that they are a force to be reckoned with in Weatherfield.

Please see below for interviews with Sair Khan and Channique Sterling Brown.

Channique, why did Dee-Dee decide to stay in Weatherfield?Dee-Dee returned to Weatherfield, because James had a heart attack so she wanted to see him. She took a sabbatical, but being back with her family really highlighted how homesick she has been in Los Angeles. She feels like LA is so corporate and busy and she has felt really isolated and so far away from home. When a big trauma or tragedy happens in your family and you are not able to be there, it shakes you up so the health scare with James has really made her reassess what is important to her. 

Why do you think Alya and Dee-Dee make such a good double act?Sair: Alya and Dee-Dee make such a good team, because they have got completely different skill sets. Dee-Dee knows, from a legal perspective, exactly what she is doing and she knows the law like the back of her hand whereas Alya makes decisions on gut feelings and impulses. With Alya’s natural instincts and Dee-Dee’s actual knowledge, they make a pretty good team.Channique: I think they really complement each other. Alya has that real calming and logical side whereas Dee-Dee has more of a hectic energy, but a super sharp side. They trust each other so they are really invested in doing the right thing. Neither of them were getting paid to help Stu and neither of them were helping him for personal gain, they just both have a strong sense of justice and a good moral compass.

Channique, what is it about Alya that Dee-Dee likes?Dee-Dee likes that Alya doesn’t really take no for an answer! Once Alya has an idea in her head she goes for it and sees it through and Dee-Dee likes that. Dee-Dee respects Alya and sees her as a business woman but also someone who really cares about her family and other people; those are things that Dee-Dee can relate to and the pair of them gel really well.

Sair,what is it about Dee-Dee that Alya likes?Alya likes that Dee-Dee says it how it is and that she has got no airs and graces; she is not trying to pretend to be anyone else. Alya also likes how Dee-Dee seems pretty fearless and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Why does Dee-Dee offer Alya a job as her legal secretary?Channique: It stems from the Stu case. Dee-Dee sees something in Alya and it brings out a different side to her. She really likes the way that they worked out the Stu case together. Dee-Dee wants to nurture that talent she sees in Alya and encourage Alya to try something new. Sair: As much as Alya loves working in her family business, she has always felt like there is more that she can achieve. Her background was in business and fashion and she feels like she has stalled a little bit in her life. Everything that has happened with the Stu case has made Alya realise that she really felt passionate about it in a way that she can’t feel about the family restaurant. It sparked something inside of her and she just wants to take the opportunity to see where it can go. 

What’s the best thing about working with each other?Sair: It’s always great when a new actor or actress comes into the show, because they bring a completely different energy and it changes the dynamics on the street which I really love and I have definitely felt that with Channique. 

Channique: Sair is so lovely and we always have such a great laugh. She is really kind and we have a really good time together. On my second day filming for Coronation Street, we were on location and straight away from that second day, Sair was giving me good advice and making sure I had my head screwed on but in the best way. It’s funny because it’s almost as if she is my mentor, but Dee-Dee is Alya’s mentor but I really like that.Sair: It’s weird because even though I am in my 9th year here, I still feel new! I guess you don’t realise that you pick up things along the way, like how things work. I have tried to be as helpful as I can for sure and we all look after each other here and that’s the most important thing.

Coronation Street is known for its strong female characters and Alya and Dee-Dee have proved that they are both powerhouses. Have you enjoyed this storyline that showcases that side of both your characters?Sair: Yes, definitely. Even within the strength of this storyline, there are vulnerabilities as well and it’s always good to play those with Alya. Alya has faced some really big obstacles and it’s always interesting to see how she is going to navigate through those when you take into consideration all her past experiences. I think you can definitely see growth in the character. There are those odd moments where she will do something impulsive and probably a little bit silly because her passion takes over but that just adds to a good storyline!Channique: It has been so exciting for me. Any and every role that a woman plays is important, but I love the fact that Dee-Dee is so career-driven and that she has that element to her. It was such an exciting prospect when I first read about the character, especially because I have an interest in law anyway. Dee-Dee is something new and she is unique to the street but she is also standing on the shoulders of giants in a way too. It’s a massive privilege and blessing getting to play Dee-Dee. I have always loved that the Rovers have had strong landladies, there is something about that girlboss vibe. On a soap, the pub is the most integral part to the programme and the fact that the heart of the show has been in the hands of women, I think is fabulous.

Would you like to see Alya and Dee-Dee team up to crack more cases?Sair: Yes, I feel like there are enough murders and crimes on this street that they need two full time detectives so we both could definitely take on that role.

Channique: Yes, definitely and I think it would be so interesting to see them take on different things and different settings. I can’t wait to get into court, I don’t know when that will be or what that will be for, but I am just so excited for when that time hopefully comes. As a pairing I think they bounce off each other well and it’s going to be great to see them kick some butt!

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