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Andy's Diaries: Episode One

Andy's alive!

In the first episode, go behind the scenes with Oliver Farnworth for a unique insight into how we kept one of Coronation Street's biggest secrets...

Oliver Farnworth shares his thoughts on this exciting twist in Andy and Phelan's story...

When did you first find out that this was the plan?

I had an inkling about it even before I left last time because I had a meeting with Kate Oates (Coronation Street Producer) who pitched the idea to me and obviously I was hugely excited about it and said yes there and then.

At that stage it was just a very small kernel grain of an idea in her head for the future and she had to sound other people out to make sure they were in board and fortunately they were, so here we are.

At the time you didn’t know when it would happen

I had no idea it would be 8 months away, I knew that they had already storylined three months on from the attack on Andy but fortunately everything all fell into place and when they finally called I was available for the filming dates.

How did you find growing the beard?

I knew that was coming, so I spent about three months growing my beard and my hair and I grew my nails a bit longer. When I get on set they put an olive oil spray in my hair so it is really lank and greasy, they put dirt all over me, stuff under my finger nails. It sounds like dressing up but that and outing on filthy clothes really helps get you into the mindset of the character.

So now we have finally seen Andy, we have had a glimpse of him in the cellar. What sort of state is he in?

I filled in a lot of it myself, I imagined that states he would have gone through in those 8 months and we join the storyline where he is in a state of almost feeling the end coming and he is just desperate.


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