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Behind The Scenes: Minibus Crash - Part Two (The Aftermath)

Watch our second backstage featurette to see how we filmed the aftermath of the Minibus crash - including the cliff top fall!

WATCH PART ONE: See how we crashed the minibus!

Join Sair Khan and Amy Kelly as they guide us through how the special effects were shot.

Katie McGlynn shares her excitement for being a part of such a big stunt, while Kate Ford ponders what being the hero might mean for Tracy - we think she'll milk it!

In the studio Andrew Whyment demonstrates how to hang upside down in an upturned bus.

And, Kym Marsh talks movie magic!

DID YOU KNOW? The visual effects team had to create close to 200 visual effects shots across the three episodes.

WATCH PART ONE: Join the cast and crew to see how the explosive crash was filmed

Backstage photos

Sally Dynevor, Andrew Whyment and Amy Kelly.
Simon Gregson and Antony Cotton hug for warmth.
Don't look down!
Katy Cavanagh has her special effect makeup applied.
Katie McGlynn starts her makeup session.
We think it's a good look!
Sair Khan gets ready for filming.
The cast attempt to keep warm between takes.
No minibuses were harmed in the making of this episode (honest).
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