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Bernie's Secret Son Revealed!

Former Hollyoaks actor Jacob Roberts has been cast as the secret son of Coronation Street’s Bernie Winter.

Bernie has been on a mission to track down her long lost son, Zodiac, who was adopted and had his name changed to Christopher Green not long after he was born.

Last week, Bernie (Jane Hazelgrove) continued her search for the child she gave away almost thirty years ago, as she tracked down a man with the same name and of the right age. However she was left disappointed when he denied being the person she was looking for.

But as a despondent Bernie headed home viewers saw the man take out a jade elephant toy, exactly like the one Bernie told Dev she had bought for her son.

What’s more, Kit Green is a detective brought in by DS Swain to help solve the mystery of missing teenager Lauren Bolton.

In the Wednesday episode things took an unexpected turn when a drunken Bernie bumps into Kit on the street and he arrests her for being drunk and disorderly. Still hiding his true identity from his birth mother, the Weatherfield cop uses his job to find out more about her rather colourful past.

Does Christopher ‘Kit’ Green want to reconnect with his biological mother and how will he feel when he discovers that she has two other children older than him that she didn’t give up for adoption?

Jacob Roberts joins the cast of Coronation Street after playing the part of Damon Kinsella in Hollyoaks for six years. 

Jacob tells us all about his new role!

Welcome to Weatherfield! How are you getting on?

It’s absolutely amazing to be joining the cast of Coronation Street. Meeting all of the cast and crew was great, it really is like one big family. It’s just a lovely environment and everyone has been really nice and welcoming. I feel like I’m at home here.

What was it like walking on the Cobbles for the first time?

When I walked on set for the first time it actually felt a bit overwhelming because the attention to detail is just incredible, it actually makes you feel that you are on a real street.

How did the part come about for you?

I got a call just before Christmas and I submitted a self tape. I actually put it to the back of my mind and didn’t think much of it because I think I assumed I wasn’t successful after not hearing back. Around a month later I was invited to a meeting, which was more of a casual audition, and after this was the screen tests which still had five people auditioning for the part but in the end, I got it and was delighted!

What was your reaction when you were told you got the part? Who did you first tell?

I got a bottle of champagne and went straight to my mum’s and I didn’t say anything. She asked me what my champagne was for so I said “well, you’ll be watching me on Corrie in a couple of months” so that was really nice. My mum absolutely loves Coronation Street so she was really chuffed.

Are you a Corrie fan?

I’ve always been a fan of Corrie. It was a show that was always on in my house, especially growing up in Salford. When I was in Hollyoaks, I always kept an eye on it, and all the other soaps, but Corrie was the main one in terms of entertainment so I’ve always had a soft spot for Corrie.

Were you shocked to hear your character was going to be Bernie’s secret son?

Yeah I was very shocked because I know Bernie has already got a big family, so to be a part of that family is great but I was surprised. I didn’t know how well I would fit in because Kit is nothing like that family, but I do think he’s been a good addition and created a new and exciting dynamic.

What are his feelings towards Bernie at first?

He doesn’t actually recognise Bernie at first, I don’t think he’s ever really seen her. He initially thinks she’s trying to rob his house because she’s going through his drawers, and with him being a detective, he’s having none of that. He realises who she is when she mentions a jade elephant toy, which is something he would know because it’s the only memory he’s got of his biological mother, but he doesn’t want to let her know that he knows. I think she’s come into his life at a time where he didn’t actually need her. He’s got a great job and life now so he doesn’t want to disrupt that.

What’s it been like working with Jane Hazelgrove?

Jane has been absolutely amazing! I get Jane’s humour and she gets mine, so it has never been awkward. She instantly took on a motherly role to me and really took me under her wing. When I first started she showed me where everything was and let me know the ins and outs of Coronation Street. If I've had any questions, I would go to Jane so she has just been great with me.

Can you tease anything about your character?

Kit is working as a detective and has been brought in to try and solve the Lauren Bolton case and of course is Bernie’s secret son. I do think he is going to be a very misunderstood character at first. He’s been really hurt throughout his life and although he has a good heart, he has some deep rooted resentment with his biological mum, which will be really interesting to play out.

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