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Our chat with Charlotte Jordan

How would you describe Daisy and Daniel's relationship at the moment?

Daisy has brushed her own recovery on the backburner and is only focusing on Ryan’s recovery because she feels responsible for everything that he is going through. But Daniel, as her partner, is more concerned with how she is doing so he is being a very supportive partner. They are in the same space as they were before the acid attack and they are both very much in love but they are dealing with this horrific thing that has happened to them.

Ryan and Daisy have a brief past. How much has it affected Daisy that it was Ryan who became the victim of an acid attack that was meant for her?

It’s so heartbreaking that it was Ryan who became the victim of the acid attack because Daisy is aware that a year and a half ago, she ripped Ryan and Alya;s relationship apart. That was a very intentional thing and it was a really nasty thing for her to do so she feels like she has already ruined his life once before because Ryan and Alya’s relationship never recovered from what she did. Although the acid attack was in no way her fault, she still feels like she has unintentionally ruined his life again and she feels responsible for his misery. It’s going to be a really tough thing for her to work through.

Daisy is trying to juggle her time between two men. Is Daisy feeling torn between her loyalty to Daniel and her guilt over Ryan?Yes, Daisy has a lot of plates spinning at the moment! She is trying to split her time as equally as she can but ultimately Ryan and his needs are coming first and Daniel is sliding down the pecking order slightly which obviously isn’t great for their relationship but I think they can work through it.

Why does Daisy decide to pretend to be Crystal?

The motivation behind her adopting this Crystal facade is a genuine one; she doesn’t want to cause Ryan any more pain. When Crystal says she doesn’t want anything to do with Ryan and she tells Daisy that she has to be the one to tell Ryan, Daisy doesn’t want to do this because she knows that he is already in a really negative, fragile headspace and she doesn’t want to be the person to bear even more bad news. Daisy’s plan is totally the wrong thing to do and it’s absolutely ridiculous but it does come from a good place.

As Daisy isn’t trying to be malicious or lead Ryan on by pretending to be Crystal, does she begin to feel uneasy about things?Yes, Daisy is not doing this because she wants to cause trouble, she is doing this because she wants to give Ryan time to heal.

When Ryan thanks Daisy for making him face his demons, they stare at each other and it’s clear that their feelings go deeper. Is there a spark there between Ryan and Daisy?I think, because they have both gone through this very traumatic event that no one else is able to understand, they have got this life-long bond now. I don’t know if it is a genuine romantic connection or whether it is trauma bonding, but they do become very reliant on each other and, especially with Daisy putting off her own recovery and focusing on Ryan, she ends up really needing him in a way that she didn’t intend to. Daisy didn’t go looking for these feelings and they weren’t intentional, she was just trying to take care of Ryan and it sort of snowballs out of control…

What would have to happen to push Daisy to come clean to Ryan about her double life as Crystal?You know what Daisy is like! With the web of lies that she is capable of spinning, she will just keep going with this charade until she is backed into a corner and until she has to come clean. The truth will come out when she has literally no other choice but to be honest.

How does Daisy think Ryan would react to finding out she was pretending to be Crystal all along?

Horrifically and Ryan would have every right to totally explode at Daisy! She can’t go around catfishing people, it is absolutely terrible what she is doing!

On the other side of the coin, how would Daisy’s catfishing go down with Daniel?Obviously Daniel won’t be happy with Daisy! Within Daniel and Daisy’s relationship, he is the moral compass of the two of them and he is the one to keep her in check and keep her in line so he will be very cross with Daisy and his jealousy will also come into play. Daisy will need to make Daniel see that it’s come from a good place and that she just needs some time before she cuts it off.

Feeling desperately ill, Ryan calls “Crystal” and leaves a message. Alone in the flat, Ryan drifts into unconsciousness. However Daniel has given Daisy’s spare phone to Max so Daisy has no idea that Ryan is in danger. If something happens to him and Daisy is too late to reach him, how guilty would she feel after everything she feels she has put Ryan through already?I don't think Daisy would recover from it. She would not be able to get over it because she already feels so responsible for Ryan so if she was not able to save him in time I think we would lose her. 

We’ve seen that Daisy can be quite scheming and devious with Ryan, Alya, Nicky and Daniel all falling foul of Daisy’s cunning plans. Are you enjoying playing this side of Daisy where her heart is genuinely in the right place this time?Yes, absolutely. It’s wonderful when you see how a character starts one way and you have a play with them and they evolve and grow but they don’t totally change. What Daisy is doing is not out of character for Daisy to do. She has got a big heart and she has got relationships and people that she cares about but she is still pretty selfish and selfishly motivated so I think she has grown but she’s not changed completely. It’s great for me as an actor because I still get to do all the bad things but this time it’s for all the good reasons!

You played a victim of an acid attack in The Bill in 2007, when you first started out. Is it strange how things have come full circle?

It’s really spooky because it isn’t something that you see on television a lot and that was my first TV job so it’s really strange that things have come full circle!

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