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Coronation Street and Emmerdale Specials

Fans of Coronation Street and Emmerdale will get three new soap specials to watch alongside regular new episodes this Summer on ITV.

Coronation Street will look back at its memorable moments and iconic characters whilst Emmerdale will revisit three generations of its most popular families. Allthree shows have been carefully curated to take viewers on a trip down memorylane.

These special nostalgia-filled programmes have been commissioned to air alongside the new episodes of Coronation Street and Emmerdale, currently being filmed in Manchester and Leeds, which will continue to air on ITV across the summer months.

Coronation Street Memorable Moments

This is a new clip-based series narrated by Jason Manford. Looking back over60 years, each episode has been carefully curated from the archives to bring aliveeach theme via specially selected highlights.

Coronation Street: Weddings

A celebration of the best and most dramatic weddings in Weatherfield.  There havebeen 130 weddings over the decades and viewers will get to see some of the mostdramatic, shocking and heart-warming. Coronation Street: Villains

A look back at some of the notorious baddies to ever walk the streets ofWeatherfield.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat all over again as we remember thelikes of Richard Hillman, Charlie Stubbs, Maya Sharma and Pat Phelan. 

Coronation Street: Stories That Gripped The Nation

Coronation Street has always connected with its audience, made headlines andbroken new ground in television drama. We look back at pivotal storylines thatcaptured the public’s imagination.

Coronation Street: Battle Axes

Coronation Street was founded on its dominating matriarchs and Northern working-class battle axes.  This episode will celebrate the best of them.

Coronation Street: Scandals

You’re never far away from a scandal on Coronation Street – affairs, underagepregnancies, bigamy are all events that have rocked the street over the years.

Coronation Street: Partnerships

We celebrate the classic pairings and comedy double acts that have kept usentertained across the decades.

Coronation Street: Famous Faces

A celebration of some of the many famous faces that have graced the street over theyears including Sir Ian McKellen, Joanna Lumley and Maxine Peake.  We’ll also lookat actors who appeared in the soap ‘before they were famous’ in other roles.

Coronation Street: High Days and Holidays

The residents of Weatherfield love a change of scenery and this episode will look at their many holidays which very rarely go to plan.

Coronation Street Icons

This is a new series narrated by Sally Lindsay looking back at some of theiconic characters who have walked the cobbles over the years.

We’ll celebrate some of the longest serving much loved cast members and charttheir character’s journey and find out what the actors themselves think of their timeon the street.

The four iconic characters are Ken Barlow (played by William Roache), Sally Metcalfe(played by Sally Dynevor), Liz McDonald (played by Beverley Callard) and RoyCropper (played by David Neilson).

The episodes will contain archive footage and new talking heads by cast memberspast and present.

Coronation Street Icons: Ken Barlow

William Roache reveals just what life was like for the original cast of CoronationStreet and why Violet Carson was the natural leader. He admits his love for an on-screen punch up where he always tries to play it as real as possible. Bill also likens hiscurrent role as the head of the Barlows as that of a mafia boss, surrounded by hishenchman.

Coronation Street Icons: Sally Metcalfe

Sally Dynevor tells the story of how she nearly messed up her role on CoronationStreet on her very first day. She reveals the real off-screen relationship with her onscreen daughters Rosie and Sophie, and speaks frankly about how a hard-hittingbreast cancer storyline coincided with her own battle with the illness.

Coronation Street Icons: Liz McDonald

Beverley Callard reveals Liz’s racy wardrobe secrets and how she often buys some ofthe more outrageous outfits herself. She also talks about the off-screen mother/sonrelationship that she has with Simon Gregson who plays her on screen son Steve.

Coronation Street Icons: Roy Cropper

David Neilson talks about how his own Mum influenced Roy Cropper’s mannerisms,and how a conversation at a party turned into one of his most memorable storylineswhen Tracy Barlow lured Roy into bed for a bet.

Emmerdale Family Trees

A new series narrated by Gaynor Faye looking back at different generations ofthree of the soap’s most loved families – The Tates, The Sugdens and The Dingles. The series will be a mixture of archive footage and new talking heads by castmembers past and present.

The Sugdens

This episode will look at the farming family that’s been at the heart of the soap sinceit launched in 1972 with Annie Sugden at the helm. Over almost 5 decades they’ve endured heartbreak, feuds and sibling rivalry like no other.We hear from Alyson Sprio who married into the Sugden family as Jack's wife Sarahwho quickly became embroiled in some of the families biggest storyline up to her dramatic death in a Barn Fire. Frazer Hines, who played Joe Sugden, looks back at his time as the son of Annie and shares stories about becoming part of the soap's most famous farming family.  The Tates

In the late 80’s the Tates burst on the scene, bringing glamour, money and power to the farming community. Alongside Frank, his wife Kim and his children Chris and Zoe, they quickly became embroiled in some of the soap's most memorable storylines; from the plane crash that left Chris paralysed to the paternity battle over Kim’s sonJamie.

Alexander Lincoln, who plays Jamie Tate spills the beans on being the son of the village villain Kim Tate and Claire King who plays her shares why she relishes beingpart of the family that brought money and glamour to the sleepy village in Yorkshire. 

The Dingles I – Older and Wiser

The Dingles hit our screens in the mid 90’s and fast became one of the country's most loved families. The older generation made their mark with Zak leading the pack. In this episode we’ll weave our way through the life, loves, scams and antics of him, his three wives and his seven children.

James Hooton, who plays Sam Dingle reveals how the whole family got behind one of the Dingles bests scams - creating a medieval theme park. Lisa Riley (Mandy Dingle) shares stories of why the Dingle code doesn't always keep the whole family in check. 

The Dingles II - Young Guns

In this episode we’ll look at the family shenanigans of the latest Dingles who make up a mix of loveable rogues, heartbreakers and surprise siblings. From Aaron’s destructive streak to Liv’s battles with alcoholism, we’ll map the family relationships that have brought fresh new storylines to the series.

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle, describes how the Dingle family name can be a blessing and a curse. And surprise son of Cain, Nate Robinson, played by Jurell Carter talks about his explosive affair with his father’s wife.

Katie Rawcliffe, ITV’s Head of Entertainment Commissioning said:

"Not only will new episodes of the soaps continue in the schedules, we now have these new specials to join them and entertain viewers. Both soaps have a rich history and we’ve delved into the archives with these new programmes to celebrate that."

Tom McLennan, Director of ITV Studios Entertainment North said:

"It has been a joy and a privilege to delve into the archives of the nation's favourite soaps.  The characters and storylines are as gripping today as they were then and it is the perfectopportunity to celebrate them."

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