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Coronation Street: Identity Stories

Following on from the hard hitting hate crime storyline, which saw Seb Franklin brutally murdered during an attack on him and girlfriend Nina Lucas, Coronation Street’s young actors have come together for a one off film to discuss the huge impact of the story. 

Produced by the ITV Digital Content Team, Identity Stories sees Mollie Gallagher, Maximus Evans, Tanisha Gorey and Millie Gibson join musician and mental health advocate Dani Winter-Bates to reflect on the challenging topics that the episodes addressed.

Revisiting Nina, Corey, Asha and Kelly's storylines the conversation explores attitudes towards mental health, coercive control, social media, self-expression and identity. 

As the actors relate their on screen portrayals of hate crime to real life the discussion turns to mental health and wellbeing, what they’ve learnt about identity, the importance of self expression and their hopes for the future in regards to a greater understanding of the issue and tolerance in general.

Available to stream on the ITV Hub and YouTube now, it also features a look back at some of the key turning points in the hate crime storyline and is interspersed with a powerful spoken word poem, written by Dani and read by the actors.

Not only is Dani respected in the alternative community for being the frontman of Metalcore band, Bury Tomorrow, but he is also the Freedom to Speak Up lead for the NHS, having worked in mental health services for 11 years.

As someone who has faced a violent hate crime attack, Dani uses his following on social media to promote mental wellbeing, running a weekly “Safe Space Sunday” on Instagram where he talks about mental health, inviting professionals and other artists to share their stories.

On being asked to lead the conversation Dani said: 

"I was honoured to be asked to be involved in the campaign following on from Coronation Street’s depiction of hate crime. Seeing what was initially wild and wonderful ideas come to fruition months later was amazing.

"All of the cast within the storyline and the team at ITV made this such an amazing experience. Hopefully it will go someway to increase the dialogue and reduce discrimination wherever it may present itself."

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this discussion please visit our advice page.

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