Coronation Street

Coronation Street is officially mapped by Ordnance Survey

You can now see the the Street in a new light, thanks to the recently produced large-scale map by Ordinance Survey.

The new detailed map (produced using OS MasterMap) shows building outlines, street layout and footpaths.

The map has also been updated to feature additional information including house numbers, character details and the names of the famous shops and focal points including the Rovers Return and the Kabin.

You’ll see that Carla doesn’t have far to walk to work, while the Rovers is only a hop, skip and a jump away for Ken and Deirdre.

Rob Andrews from Ordnance Survey said:

"This has been a great project and highlights Ordnance Survey’s commitment to accurately map the rapidly changing face of Great Britain.

"This is one of the most famous streets in the country; however, it is only one of 87 other Coronation Streets which feature on the OS database.”

In addition to the 87 Coronation Streets in Great Britain there are also 171 Coronation Roads, 93 Coronation Avenues, 2 Coronation Mews and 8 Coronation Squares. However, there are only four other Rovers Returns in Great Britain.

Do you live on one of the other Coronation Streets? Maybe the Rovers Return is your local? If so, let us know on Facebook and Twitter using #ILiveOnCorrie

Coronation Street