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Next week: Summer takes a turn for the worse, Nicky's past comes back to haunt her and Toyah supports Imran's plans.

Summer takes a turn for the worse

Jacob takes advantage of Evelyn and over-orders alcopops to sell on for a bit of his own profit.

Simon reports Jacob to the police, but when they arrive, they find Summer slumped next to a bench.

Assuming her to be drunk, they take her down to the station!

Craig hurries into the cell to find Summer in a diabetic coma.

Fearing the worst, he shouts for an ambulance.

Later, Summer is mortified that Billy, Paul and Todd have all joined forces to look out for her.

However, she reluctantly goes along to the diabetes support group, where she meets Aaron, a fellow diabetic.

Billy is pleased she is making friends. Will Summer start to get the help she needs?

Nicky's past comes back to haunt her

Nicky arrives at the Rovers, unaware that Daisy is trying to set her up with Ashley.

Nicky is humiliated when Ashley clearly recognises her...

However, the horror doesn't end there.

Photos and videos of Nicky's past are posted all around school and she gets suspended!

Daniel is furious and can only assume Daisy is the one behind all this.

Would Daisy really do something so malicious?

Toyah supports Imran's plans

When Toyah hears Abi and Elliot discussing ways to scupper Imran's chances of custody, she tells Imran she supports his plan to prove Abi is not fit to be a mother.

But later, Abi tells them she wants them all to be a part of Alfie's life.

What will Toyah decide to do?

Imran meets with Ben and tells him he needs hard evidence that Abi is back on drugs before the custody hearing.

But how far will Imran go to make his plan work?


Gary offers to bank Kelly's money for her, but a cagey Kelly makes out she'll do it herself.


Eileen confronts George...

And Sally finally bites the bullet and suggests to Elaine that it's time to move out.

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street