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Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next week: Hope discovers Phill's secret, but will this ruin his plans to pop the question? Also, Abi forms her plan...

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Phill's big secret!

Hope discover something shocking in Phill's house, and in true Hope style, she takes revenge.

Phill is horrified to see her in the digger!

And even more horrified when she smashes his car.

What has Hope found?!

Fiz isn't happy, and Ty offers to go and collect her things.

But things get heated...

And panic sets in for Phill as he reveals he's lost an engagement ring!

Later, when they're finally left alone, Phill asks Fiz to marry him.

What will she say?!

Abi's got plans

Abi asks Imran and Toyah if she can have Alfie for a whole day next week.

Toyah agrees and Imran is forced to go along with it.

Later, Abi tells Kevin she's got two fake passports and is moving to Costa Rica with Alfie...

She begs him to keep it a secret.

Will her plan work?

Summer's Shock

Summer secretly tips her insulin down the sink before heading off for an exam.

But things soon escalate and her vision becomes blurred.

She's horrified when she realises she's left her diabetic kit at home!

Will Summer be ok?


Sally shows Tim some support and accompanies him to see Dr Gaddas.

Faye researches about her next steps.

Amy and Jacob decide to stay with Tracy and Steve.

And Nicky pays Daisy a visit. What is she going to say?

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street