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Next week on the Cobbles!

As we kick off our new hour-long format things get out of hand for Abi, Adam hits rock bottom and Laura makes Gary sweat.

Abi's downward spiral!

Kevin returns home from his holiday to an unwanted surprise...

Abi and Dean look VERY cosy on the sofa, so Kevin orders Abi to pack her things and leave!

After a failed attempt to stop Dean from stealing a car from Kevin's garage, she finds herself being driven down a country lane.

However, it isn't long before she doubles over in pain.

To her horror, Dean drives off without her!

Meanwhile, Tyrone is shocked to find a car is missing when he opens up the garage.

Later, he suggests Abi has something to do with it.

He warns her that if she doesn't retrieve the car, the business is finished so she forms a plan.

But when things go awry, she finds herself in BIG trouble!

A concerned Toyah calls Abi's phone...

A paramedic answers, is Abi going to be ok?!

Adam hits rock bottom.

After an uncomfortable phone call, Adam informs Daniel that someone has reported him to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and he could be struck off.

How much more of this can he take?!

Is Gary's Ruse Up?

Simon is concerned when Kelly reveals she's got a lot on her plate.

Simon urges Kelly to ask Gary and Maria for help but she refuses.

Later, she finds her mum in a bad way.

And lies to Maria in order to stay and help.

Simon realises it’s time to tell Gary and Maria the truth. As Kelly tends to her Mum, they’re interrupted by Gary.

Laura informs Gary she intends to hire a PI to track down Rick so she can get her hands on his money for Kelly, to which he's horrified.

He introduces Laura to Lenny.

But unfortunately for Gary, Laura recognises him!

Are Gary's secrets about to be unearthed?!


Sam takes on Brian at a game of chess.

He's chuffed to bits when he beats Brian!

However, the fun is over when Nick informs Roy that Sam will be taking a break from chess as he's becoming obsessed and his school work is suffering.

Emma and Jon meet for a drink in a hotel bar.

They're having a great time until Jon suggests heading back to the Rovers for a drink.

Emma is quick to squash the idea.

Michael reveals that he intends to track down Grace and invite her to Glory's birthday party.

Aggie is astonished.

Is Michael making the right decision?

Over a drink, Nicky reveals that she left Daniel a voicemail but he never replied.

Daniel suspects it may have something to do with Daisy!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street