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Weatherfield's greatest love story

Shy supermarket supervisor Hayley Anne Patterson made her first appearance in 1998, working alongside Curly Watts and Alma Baldwin in Firman's Freezers...

And when Alma introduces her to the local cafe owner, Roy Cropper, they form a strong friendship. But Hayley can't keep her secret any longer, and she reveals that she is a pre-operative male-to-female transgender and was originally called Harold...

After initially rejecting Hayley, Roy accepts that his friendship with her is more important than her secret. He goes to find Hayley in Amsterdam, where she is having her gender reassignment operation, and she decides she wants to come back to Weatherfield to be with him.

Despite the bumpy beginning to their romance, Roy and Hayley share their first special kiss at the boating lake...

Back at work in the factory, Hayley decides to keep her transgender status private. But when her boss Mike Baldwin discovers a Tax Office error that shows her name as Harold, he fires her because of it...

Furious at hearing what Mike has done, the normally placid Roy swills Mike in the Rovers Return. Mike gives Hayley her job back and the residents of the street grow to accept Hayley for who she is.

In 1999, Roy and Hayley decide to declare their love to one another in a blessing. But when Les Battersby tips off the local press, they are forced to cancel the wedding and have their ceremony in the back room of Roy's Rolls instead.

In 2001, Roy and Hayley decide to foster their first child, Fiz. Despite some ups and downs, Fiz and the Croppers became firm friends.

In 2003, the Croppers fall foul of scheming Tracy Barlow, as she takes a bet that she can get the most faithful man on the street into bed - Roy. Drugging him and taking him home, Tracy hatches an elaborate scam to extort money, lying that she is carrying Roy's child.

Paying Tracy £25,000, the Croppers are overjoyed to become parents to baby Patience. But when Tracy let's slip that the real father is Steve McDonald at his wedding to Karen, the heartbroken Croppers give the baby back.

In 2007, Hayley discovers that she has a son, Christian, from a single encounter before her sexual reassignment surgery. After pretending to be his aunt, Hayley finally tells Christian the truth, and is left devastated when he refuses to have anything to do with her.

Hayley finds herself in hot water with local bad guy Tony Gordon in 2010, as he ties her up in Underworld to get revenge on Roy for sending him to prison. After Carla begs Tony to let Hayley go, he throws her out on to the street, where a worried Roy is waiting for her.

And on 30 August 2010, Roy and Hayley are finally able to legally go up the aisle. After a number of glitches (including a derailed carriage carrying the bride and bridesmaids, Becky and Fiz) the Croppers officially declare their love for one another.

Watch the only interview with Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Hayley, as she looks back at her time on The Street.

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