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Huge Storylines You Cannot Miss in Next Week’s Corrie!

There’s some huge storylines in next week’s Corrie, here’s a few that you absolutely can’t miss…

The Aftermath of Abi’s Accident

After Abi’s accident, a lot of people are worried - including Peter! 

But Carla has a warning for him and she isn’t afraid to say something when she catches Peter in a lie...

Is Carla right to be suspicious? Abi did have a thing for Peter not too long ago...

Searching for Todd

It’s Paul’s birthday and he thinks everyone has forgotten…

But Gemma isn't likely to let that happen! 

But the question on everyone's lips is, where on earth is Billy?!

Hint: He’s out reporting Todd as a missing person to the police...

But then Sean finds out that a body has been found in a nearby river! We’re sure that everything will be okay… right?

Will Paul understand what Billy has been up to?

Johnny’s Unexpected Return

Johnny’s back but will everyone want to see him?

And Scott wants a word… Should he be worried?

We know we are!

Alya Hits Back

Alya takes a swing at Geoff and for once her words seem to have found a chink in his armour.

We're sure he'll take it really, really well.

Daniel Is Bad For Business

Daniel isn’t happy when he sees Nicky with a business associate of Ray, but he wouldn’t do anything rash, would he?

Would he…?!


You'll have to wait until next week to find out.

In the meantime, get ready for all the upcoming drama on ITV Hub

Logo of Coronation Street
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