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Interview: Breaking Up

Will Maria ever be lucky in love? Samia Longchambon hints at what's ahead in Maria's disastrous love life...

How does Maria feel when Ali admits he loves her? Is she head over heels?

Maria is really happy. She’s a little bit surprised because she wasn’t expecting Ali to confess his love for her, although she’s been getting more into their relationship she doesn’t expect him to be the one to say it. She definitely feels the same way when he tells her he loves her.

Things suddenly take a turn for the worse when Ali falls asleep whilst cooking and endangers Liam. Does she forgive him?

That day goes from one extreme to another - first they’re telling each other that they love each other and the next Ali’s getting dumped. It’s awful because she entrusts Liam in Ali’s care whilst she’s at work and Liam is Maria’s life. When he jeopardises that trust by falling asleep, and the fire alarms start sounding, it’s Gary who runs to the rescue. She finds herself in a situation where she can’t stay with him.

Ali ends the relationship and tells Michelle he isn’t ready to bring up Liam. Does Maria have any suspicions as to what it could actually be?

She’s completely oblivious at this point that he’s taking drugs and is severely disappointed in him. Later that episode, Ali realises that he’s done wrong and feels bad for lying to her. Rather than telling the truth he just ends the relationship. None of it makes any sense to her given he’d just confessed his love for her.

Maria gets tipsy and rows with Michelle over her parenting skills. How does Michelle take to this?

Maria and Michelle rarely fall out, so this is a shocker. Maria is so hurt when Ali starts blaming their breakup on their age difference and on Liam, so she just lashes out because of how upset she is and Michelle bears the brunt of that because she’s the closest person to her at that time.

Could this be the start of a rocky relationship between Maria and Michelle?

I think it’ll be fine between them eventually. Michelle is Liam’s auntie so the rift definitely won’t last.

Something new is on the horizon for Maria when she flirts with Gary whilst doing some gardening on Victoria Street. Do you think this could work out for her?

I think it has trouble written all over it because Gary is a bad lad. Maria doesn’t know that though and thinks that they have a lot in common, both being single parents of boys of a similar age. They start with a nice friendship and there’s a natural progression into a relationship, but Maria definitely doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.

Does Maria notice Ali’s jealousy?

Not at first, no. She’s still so upset at what happened and obviously she still likes him, but Gary’s comes along and takes her mind off that.

Do you think Maria will ever be lucky in love?

I don’t think so - ever! She’s always looking for that one true love, and sadly I think that person was Liam. She’ll always struggle to find someone to fill his boots, and she’s never felt the same way about anybody since. I can’t picture her settled at all.

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