Interview: Emma's Daddy Issues

As Emma discovers her whole life has been a lie, Alexandra Mardell hints at what her future holds...

What has happened prior to this week?

Emma’s dad has passed away and she has confided in Audrey, Maria and Bethany. Her phone rings and Fiona’s picture pops up and Audrey recognises her. She tries to dig a little deeper, but Emma doesn’t want to talk about it as she doesn’t get on with her mum, but Audrey finds it a little hard to keep the secret. Emma’s dad tells her just before he dies that he is not her real dad, so it’s a big shock.

What’s Emma’s relationship like with her mum, Fiona?

Emma and her mum don’t get on. When Fiona and her father split up, her mum took her to Australia - but she was a proper daddy’s girl and she missed being with her dad and being in England, that’s when her and her mum fell out and now she doesn’t speak to Fiona. Her mum is still in Australia.

Fiona - Coronation Street - ITV

Tell us what happens with Steve and the DNA test?

Emma’s having a hard time and is trying to take on too much. Steve takes her out for lunch and she thinks it’s all innocent and fine, but he gets sneaky tries to pull her hair out so he can later test it.

How do you think she will feel about Steve?

He’s very kind and generous and there could be a potential father/daughter relationship but with him going about it the wrong way, it’s put Emma off and she just feels completely alone because he’s really broken the trust.

Emma and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV

What’s going through Emma’s head when she decides to leave the Street?

She’s had enough. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her mum, so all the close relationships she's made on the Street were really important to her. The trust has gone with Steve too and she thinks she needs to get out of there, it’s too much for her. She needs someone to show her that there are more reasons for her to stay but she just can’t see them.

What’s it like working with Simon Gregson?

Some of the scenes are so emotional but Simon is so funny. One of my biggest challenges at the moment is trying not to laugh at him. As much as he is funny, he’s also a brilliant serious actor so we just get on with it. We’ve had some really lovely scenes together.