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Interview: Bethany and Daniel

Lucy Fallon reveals all about Bethany's relationship with Daniel. Is it doomed to fail before it even begins?

What is Daniel and Bethany’s relationship like at this point? 

Bethany is very confused because it feels like they are together but there is the undertone that Sinead has died not so long ago, nobody wants them to be together and everybody is annoyed with them. Bethany has accidentally fallen in love with Daniel and Daniel has fallen in love with the idea of Bethany to fill the void of Sinead; he does care for Bethany but it’s for all the wrong reasons. 

What does Bethany like about Daniel?

It started because they were really good friends; they worked in the Bistro together and Bethany was trying to be there for him because his wife had cancer. He was supportive of her because he knows what has happened in her past so he was helping her with her writing. It’s grown from there; Daniel is charming, intelligent and really cares about Bethany and she has not had that before. 

Do you think Bethany and Daniel are a good match?

Yes, I think they are but not right now because at the moment it’s not working out. If it was further down the line it would be a good relationship because they do go together well and they are good for each other but it’s just not the right time. 

When Beth has a go at the pair of them, what’s Bethany's first thoughts?

Bethany knows deep down that what they are doing isn’t quite right. Daniel keeps telling Bethany that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks as long as they are happy so even though, in the back of her mind, she feels it is wrong, he keeps reassuring her that it is right for them. 

She must be really thrown when Daniel then tells her they should cool things for a while?

Yes, she is really upset by what he says. She goes for a drink with Sarah in the Rovers to talk about it but I think if it had ended there then it would have been for the best. 

When Daniel declares they are an item, does Bethany find this romantic? Does she really believe that things could work out?

Yes, she desperately wants to be with him. Even though he has said he wants to cool things off, when he comes in to the Rovers and kisses her in front of everyone, she believes he really does love her and it is going to work. She takes it as a sign that Daniel doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks, she gets swept up in it and hangs on to what he says. 

What advice would you give to Bethany?

It’s a hard one because I feel sorry for her. If I was to give Bethany advice at the beginning then I would tell her that if it feels like it’s right then she should go for it but now that things have started to get out of control I would probably say, “Take a step back, it’s not right for you and you’ll only end up getting hurt.”

What is the best thing about working with Rob Mallard?

I was nervous about playing Daniel’s new love interest because I know Rob and Katie McGlynn had such a great on-screen connection so I felt like I had big shoes to fill but Rob and I get on really well. He is really funny and I’ve really enjoyed working with him, I could work with him forever. 

Has it been tough playing this sensitive storyline? What do you do to lighten your mood?

I have done a few hard-hitting storylines now so I can become completely detached from it. I don’t take it home with me and I think my long drive home helps because I can just put some music on. I usually get home, have tea, have a bath or go running because I am doing the London Marathon this year! 

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