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Interview: Sam Robertson

Wedding bells are ringing on Coronation Street, but how will the day go? Sam Robertson gives us a little insight…

As the wedding approaches is Adam totally smitten with Sarah, is she the one?

Oh yes, he’s head over heels in love with her, he’s crazy for her.

Does the spectre of Gary still bother him or is Adam over that?

There’s still a bit of a niggle there, I think Adam’s slightly concerned that Gary could come and ruin their day but as the week progresses he becomes more relaxed about it.

Tensions are high between Sarah and Bethany over her relationship with Daniel, has this caused friction between Adam and Sarah too?

Adam and Sarah haven’t really realised what’s been going on underneath their noses, it’s not until the wedding gets closer and closer that they realise this could be a potential problem. There’s a lot that been’s unsaid between them all and they’re going to be in such close contact with Beth and Craig who’ve been invited to the wedding too. It’s got all the ingredients for a dust up! They haven’t really thought through their guest list very clearly.

Is Adam worried about how Daniel might cope with his best man duties on the day?

Yeah big time, he’s really concerned for Daniel’s welfare, it’s a big ask for him to give a speech like that so soon after losing Sinead. He’s had a lot of responsibility writing a speech, organising the stag do but in a roundabout way Adam’s given him that responsibility to bring him out of his shell again and for Daniel to prove to himself that he is capable. Adam really hopes he can pull it off.

It’s an emotional day for Daniel, can Adam feel that?

It was emotional to film because Rob’s such a great actor so it’s easy to empathise with hischaracter. Most of us who were involved also filmed Sinead and Daniel’s wedding not too long ago so it didn’t take a lot for us all to get emotional ourselves.

When Sarah realises how much more there is to Bethany and Daniel’s relationship she’s not happy, how does this affect their day?

Adam just has to be there for Sarah, he goes into husband mode and because Sarah is such a strong woman he just says whatever you decide I’ll support you. Adam knows he’s marrying a tough women so in this instance whatever she says goes.

How much does Sarah mean to Adam?

Adam was orphaned as a child so his family mean the world to him, so for him to start building his own family enriches his life so much and means so much. This woman he loves, loves him back so life is good.

It’s a Corrie first, the Barlows and Platts coming together, how do you feel about that?

Yeah it’s great, I’m buzzing, I’ve had loads of scenes recently with Helen, Sue, Lucy and Tina who are four fantastic actresses. It’s a real pleasure to work with them so long may it continue.

Do you think the two families will coexist happily or do you think there’ll always be niggles?

I’d love to to see them come together, soap history suggests that two big families coming together will end in disaster but I think there’s potential for some lovely scenes. There’s so much material to tap into there. I feel really humbled that I’m involved in scenes at No.1 and No.8, I’m floating between these two massive families, one that’s mostly patriarchal with Ken and Peter, then the other that’s very matriarchal with Gail and Audrey.

Do you think Adam and Sarah can live happily ever after?

I’d like to think so, I think they have great chemistry together, yes there’s opportunity for conflict but I would like to see them living happily. I love working with Tina, I hope she enjoys working me as much as I enjoy working with her.

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