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Interview: Is Adam Smitten?

Has Adam finally found his happily ever after with Sarah?

We asked Sam Robertson if he thinks the couple are set to last...

What was the first moment you realised there was something between Adam and Sarah?

Before Christmas. Sarah was on a girl’s night out and Adam had a little flirt with her in the pub, he was trying his luck and she agreed to go back to his for a glass of wine. He knew then that she was interested, but obviously Gary was still on the scene. Adam made a move, she backed off which caused a slight kick off with Seb and Gary got wind of it - but that spark started there between Adam and Sarah.

How did Adam feel returning to the Street after everything that had happened with Sarah?

Well, Adam went away for three months and he gets out the taxi on Victoria Street and the first person he sees is Sarah… He really missed her and really fancied her still. He went crazy… The sparks were definitely still there.

On Adam’s return, what were his thoughts when he realised things weren’t right with Sarah and Gary?

Well, Adam doesn’t know they had broken up, but very quickly finds out… And he pounces!

Could you ever see Adam settle down in a serious relationship?

I think Sarah is going to be the closest to that, I think he would like to make it serious. If the audience digs it, then it might happen… I don’t think he’s ever had anything serious.

Do you think a romance with Sarah will show people a softer side to Adam?

I hope so, there has been a few moments of the last couple of years where Adam talks about his mum. He’s an orphan, both of his parents are dead, so he sometimes shows that vulnerability when he talks about that. If anyone is going to bring out that side I think it’ll be Sarah.

What is it like working with Tina and Mikey?

It great, I love it. It’s funny because my first ever acting experience was with Tina when she was working here and I was screen tested for this job when I was eighteen and it’s really weird that fifteen years later, I am working with her a lot. She’s dynamite, she’s a really sweet girl, fun to be around and an amazing talent.

I’ve always thought Mikey had a great energy and I love watching him act. So, to work with him and be in the mix… It’s quite humbling really that the writers and producers think I am capable of reaching their standards.

What makes Adam Barlow so charming?

I’d like to think that’s something I work hard at with my character, although he is a serious guy in lots of ways and a businessman, he likes to have fun. I’ve always tried to bring that element of cheekiness into him. It was actually derived from Johnny Briggs who played Mike Baldwin, when you watch that classic Coronation Street, I always felt he had that great balance of conniving charm and I kind of feel we are starting to see that in Adam a lot more on screen. He can be a bit devious, but he can also be really fun and not take things too seriously.

Do you share any similar character traits to Adam?

Yeah for sure, I mean there’s one thing I realised early on in Coronation Street is I had to make a decision… Do I keep all of my own personal traits away from the character, which I tried to do for a while but I found really quite stifling. At first, he was a bit more serious and really loved himself and I felt maybe he was a bit charmless. So, I worked hard to try and make him a bit more smiley as I feel there are so many characters in other soaps that are so serious all of the time. I hope people see my cheeky side, but I also have to hold some things back because you have to keep some things to yourself.

Is there any other side to Adam Barlow that we don’t see?

I don’t think he’s ever fallen in love with anyone, so I think this will be the first time. And I’ve always said the one thing I really love about this character is the family dynamic and the scenes with Tracy, Amy, Peter, Daniel and Ken and I’ve not had as much of that over the past months. So I’d like to show more of that.

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