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Interview: Sinead's Surprise Wedding

As Daniel plans a secret wedding, Sinead's in turmoil as she discovers she may have cancer.

We spoke to Rob Mallard about whether their big day will go ahead.

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Why does Daniel decide to have a spontaneous wedding?

It’s been such a rocky way for them to get together in the first place, he sees it as do it while you can because you don’t know what else might happen. Sinead’s not very conventional so it seems to make more sense to do it's a surprise rather than do it in a traditional, conventional sense.

Is it an official wedding?

No, it’s more like a ceremony. I assume that off screen they will go to a registry office and get it done that way because Kirk hasn’t been ordained.

What do they wear for the ceremony?

It is still a smart event but it’s very earthy with lots of natural colours – it’s more like you would expect a scene out of A Midsummers Night Dream, I imagine.

Everything’s going great for Daniel at the minute with the marriage and pregnancy…

Yes, he’s applying to go off and do an MA too so everything’s going really well, too well almost. A lot of bad things have happened, when him and Sinead got back together everything went rosy again. He’s love blind, so everything just seems like it’s going great for him and he doesn’t notice anything else that’s going on.

How would Daniel feel if he knew Sinead was keeping a secret from him?

Betrayed, she kept a secret last time and they promised this time they wouldn’t have any secrets from each other.

Does he have an inkling before he finds out that something isn’t right?

No, he’s completely oblivious to it. He thinks (her symptoms) are just normal pregnancy stuff.

Daniel’s come such a long way since joining the show, when he finds out about Sinead’s cancer how will he cope?

I think he’ll start to regress massively. Sinead makes the world seem softer so that Daniel can come out and enjoy it (life) rather than think everything’s a threat. Daniel has a tendency to close ranks and is used to being by himself.

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