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Interview: Tracy's Big Day

We asked Kate Ford whether Steve and Tracy can get hitched without a hitch?

We're not sure she fancies their chances...

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How is Tracy feeling in the run up to her wedding?

This is what she’s dreamt about for such a long time, she’s always loved Steve and it’s about to become a reality, she really believes this is their time. She’s really disappointed when she finds out that Ken and Beth aren’t coming to the wedding as they’re now going to Daniel and Sinead’s instead, and Peter isn’t coming either, for reasons unknown to Tracy (it’s because he knows Steve slept with Leanne).

Is Tracy upset that people are favouring Daniel and Sinead’s wedding over hers and Steve’s?

Tracy’s really hurt, she thinks her own brother would rather go to Portsmouth for a few days than go to her wedding. But she decides she’s going to enjoy this day without them and focus on her and Steve.

How does she feel towards Daniel after him jumping in and stealing her thunder?

It’s not a great thing to do and I think on some level he’s enjoying it. There’s still a lot of tension between Tracy and Daniel, there’s more to play there, there’s some real hatred after what happened with Ken, yet he still seems to be the golden child and Tracy resents that.

How is Tracy on the morning of the wedding, is she happy with how it all looks?

It’s really beautiful, Mary’s helped plan the wedding so everything’s super organised and on paper Tracy thinks everything is going really well. Tracy’s confidant that she and Steve are in a good place and she’s really happy, there’s just this one small niggle about the 'free pass' fiasco after she found out that Steve misread her intention and actually thought she was giving him free rein to sleep with somebody else. But then she thinks surely not, not even Steve could be that stupid. I think they do love each other and she thinks it’s finally all come together.

When does it all start to unravel?

Steve goes missing on the wedding morning and she starts to think about the free pass again, she puts two and two together makes five and decides he’s used the free pass on Abi. She has a massive meltdown, a huge row with Abi and then she goes to the garage and sabotages Michelle’s car, which Abi has been working on, in the hope Abi will get into trouble. She’s not thinking straight.

How would Tracy react if she found out that Steve had in fact slept with Leanne?

She won’t marry him if she finds out, she’d be really hurt.

Will the wedding go ahead?

You’ll have to wait and see, it doesn’t get off to the best of starts. Tracy arrives at the venue determined to have it out with Steve. He’s got a lot of talking to do to calm Tracy down.

Do you enjoy playing Steve and Tracy’s relationship?

I’m really enjoying Steve and Tracy being back together and playing the humour in their relationship, we have such a laugh together, that’s where I’m happiest playing the comedy stuff with Simon. I’ve also had some great scenes with Bev (Liz) recently and it’s always nice being back in the Barlow house.

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