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Jean Alexander

Everyone at Coronation Street is saddened to hear that actress Jean Alexander, best known for her iconic role as Hilda Ogden, has died aged 90.

Jean, who played the legendary character from 1964 until 1987, passed away on Friday.

Hilda and her on-screen husband Stan (Bernard Youens), were two of the most memorable characters of all time with Jean voted the 'Greatest Soap Star of all Time' in a 2005 poll by the TV Times.

She retired from acting in 2012, two years after her last television appearance, following an acting career which lasted more than 60 years.

"Everyone who loves what is special about Coronation Street will know how sad it is to hear that Jean Alexander has died," said ITV Creative Director, Serial Dramas John Whiston.

"Hilda Ogden was the earthy heart of the show for very many years, and the brilliance of Jean as an actor was that she could shift from high comedy to deeply emotional and moving drama in a heartbeat. That takes real skill and real acting but also real humanity.

"That is what the world has lost with her passing."

Michael Le Vell added, “This has come as such shock - Jean was the biggest iconic soap character to walk the planet! My proudest and most exciting moment on the show was when Kevin and Sally moved in with Hilda as it meant I would have loads of scenes with her.

"She was such a warm caring person and a joy to work with. She was also great fun we used to watch snooker in the green room with her as she loved snooker! For such an iconic character she was always one of the first people to make a new arrival feel so welcome. She was an all round lovely lady and such a talent I will never forget the scenes I had with her and what she taught me.

"It was an honour and a privilege to work with her and she is is a huge loss to the industry."

"Jean was such an inspiration to me as a young actress," echoed Sally Dynevor.

"So professional and generous with her advice. Michael and I loved her, and any scenes we did with her we always wanted to do our very best. Hilda will always be my favourite Corrie character.”

William Roache said, "Jean created one of the most iconic Coronation Street characters in Hilda Ogden. She could make you laugh, particularly with Hilda's comedy singing, but she could also deliver incredibly moving performances and make you cry. She was a wonderful actress."

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