Coronation Street

Hold on to your hats, Maddie is coming to Town!

When Sophie meets Maddie at the soup kitchen on Christmas Day, could this troubled teen be the challenge that Sophie has been searching for?

Actress Amy Kelly exclusively reveals what it's been like joining the famous cobbles, and what we can expect from her feisty character.

"Filming for Coronation Street is the most amazing experience; from day one everyone made me feel so welcome. Brooke Vincent (Sophie) and Sally Dynevor (Sally) have really taken me under their wing, as I’m in most of my scenes with them. We have such a laugh working together."

Amy will debut as Maddie on Christmas Day

After a string of failed relationships, unlucky-in-love Sophie is drawn to Maddie's tough exterior - much to her mum Sally's dismay.

"Sophie desperately tries to soften Maddie and just when you think it’s working, Maddie does something else and they’re back to square one – they’re like chalk and cheese and that makes for a very interesting relationship – whether it’s a romantic one or just as friends," said Amy.

Maddie comes from a dysfunctional family, she's a complex character who doesn't let people get too close.

"I love playing Maddie because of how hard you have to try to get your head around her; there’s just no figuring her out and I think maybe that’s why Sophie is so drawn to her – she wants to be the one to work her out. Maddie is impressed with Sophie’s determination, but she keeps her on her toes!"

Brooke and Amy film the Christmas Day episode

Amy impressed the Coronation Street casting agents in her audition, despite it being her first ever screen test.

She said: "My audition was on Friday 13th, so I guess it’s not so unlucky after all! I got the scripts and all along I said I’ll be happy if I just get as far as a screen test. Then once I found out that I had a screen test, I started thinking: ‘You know what… This is possible… I could actually do this…’"

"When I got the call saying I’d been offered the part (I was on the bus home from college when my phone rang so I had to contain my reaction) I honestly could not believe it. Neither could my mum!"

It isn't long before Maddie causes mischief...

On Christmas Day, Maddie causes a commotion when she clashes with Sally.

"Before we filmed the scene, this huge trifle with sprinkles arrived in front of us and we all looked at it, then at each other, and just burst out laughing!"

My favourite thing so far, purely because of how funny it was, was dunking Sally’s face in the trifle… Sorry Sal!

Amy Kelly, who plays Maddie

"I'm nervous and excited to see my first episode. I always cringe when I watch things back but I'm excited to see it all put together for the first time (even if I will watch the first few scenes through my fingers!)"

"With it being Christmas Day, there are going to be so many family members crowded round the telly to watch my first episode - So no pressure!"

"My mum got a text from one of the family saying: 'Tell Amy we are definitely

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