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Mary's Mystery Man

Mary's quite smitten when Magazine editor Brendan storms into the Kabin looking for Norris - but will the cheeky charmer be all he's cracked up to be?

We spoke to Ted Robbins about coming to the cobbles.

Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

His name is Brendan Finch and he arrives on the Street as a bit of a mystery man.

I think he fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, but the thing about him is is that he’s married, although he doesn’t wear a wedding ring...

He likes to wear blue suede brogues and snazzy jackets. He probably wears a fake version of an expensive aftershave.

What does he make of Norris and Mary when he first meets them?

Norris has been in touch with the magazine’s HQ and was very officious with them. So the first thing Brendan does when he comes into the Kabin is put Norris in his place! Mary isn’t unimpressed by that...

He has a bit of a backbone and I think Mary likes that. She is also quite feisty when she wants to be. I think she’s instantly taken by Brendan and he is well aware of that.

Can you tell us a bit about the magazine he edits, The Inexplicable?

Brendan is genuinely interested in the topics that the magazine covers. It covers ghosts, the supernatural, UFOs, crypto-zooology and other phenomena of that sort.

Mary is fanatical about the magazine and has almost every issue and Brendan sees her as a ‘fellow mind’ in that way. Mary is missing an issue and wants to go out of his way to make sure she has it. It’s a very rare issue that she’s after and he’s quite taken by the fact that she’s as interested in it as he is.

Is he aware that Mary is smitten with him?

Yes, I’d definitely say so. He spies it very early on and thinks he could be in for a bit of fun. There’s certainly an attraction between them there which is a sort of friendship at first.

Mary doesn’t know he’s married and she’s very quick to build things up. Norris smells a rat and is very wary of him - as is Rita and Dev. They all want to look out for Mary as she’s been hurt before. They’re really not sure about him.

How has your time on Corrie been so far?

It has been an absolute delight so far. The actors and crew I’m working with - many of whom I have known for years from other jobs at Granada - are an absolute joy to work with.

The problem with knowing so many people was that it took me 20 minutes to walk down the corridor when I first started, as I’d see so many people who I wanted to catch up with!

My first scene, which was in the Kabin, was on my 60th Birthday. I couldn’t believe it when I got my first filming date and realised it was on my birthday. After I’d finished I walked over the bridge to a restaurant over at Media City and met my family for a birthday meal. And Peter Kay came to surprise me! I felt so lucky to have had such a fantastic birthday. How everything has happened this year has been astonishing.

Is it a show that you always wanted to do?

I have always been a huge fan of the show. I vaguely remember the show starting as a child. It has always been there, that music, that familiarity.

My family were brought up in showbiz, I’ve always known Corrie. I had a little part in Corrie a few years ago as the prison officer during the John Stape storyline. I always hoped I would be back one day and you hope the call comes and that you’ll do it service. I’ve done lots of different things but I’ve always loved drama and Coronation Street has an ability to make you laugh, make you cry - and I love that about it.

Look out for Brendan's arrival on the Street next week!

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