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Michelle's Choice

Michelle has a big decision to make about Robert. We asked Kym Marsh about whether this is the end of their relationship...

Tell us how Michelle and Robert’s relationship is. Where are they up to in their decision to have a baby?

Michelle has agreed to the possibility of trying because she has realised that after what happened with Ruairi, she was basing everything on fear. She realised that probably wasn't fair on either of them, because it was cutting off a chance for her to have what she wanted when she was pregnant with Ruairi. And, also it was cutting off the chance to give Robert what he wants which is ultimately to have his own family.

Has feelings of guilt over how much Robert wants a family played a part in her decision?

Michelle feels quite bad that she would be cutting that chance out of Robert’s life, but when she does think she might be pregnant, she doesn’t really know how she feels about it. She feels on edge about telling him and she isn’t thrilled about it because she’s got those little niggles in her head right from the beginning.

What’s Michelle’s reaction when she finds out she is not pregnant?

She is relieved. When the ball is kicked in to her stomach, she panics immediately. At the hospital, she is really anxious and very frightened that she is going to lose another baby. When she finds out that there is no baby at all, she breaks down and Carla mistakes Michelle for being upset because she is not pregnant.

However, Michelle is relieved that she is not pregnant because she has been dubious anyway and then the terror of maybe losing another baby makes her realise that she just can’t live with that even being a possibility.

Is this the turning point that makes her change her mind from wanting to try for a baby, to not wanting a baby at all?

Yes. Had she been pregnant and everything had been okay, she would have gone through with her pregnancy, but she would have been so terrified about losing another child it would have been constantly on her mind - so that’s why, in her head, the fact that she is not pregnant has given her a get out of jail free card.

She now she knows she doesn’t ever want to go back to that place, she has made up her mind, she has the choice to say no.

How does she think this will affect her and Robert’s relationship?

She does want to be with Robert and they have been through a lot together. We have seen the pair of them fight about not having children and Michelle coming round to the idea because she does really love Robert and she wants him to be happy. She wants to be with him, but when she makes the decision that she doesn’t want to have kids, in her head, she is thinking that this is the end of the road for them.

How much does she really believe it is the end of their relationship?

She completely thinks it's the end. She thinks, why should she have what she wants when he can’t have what he wants. They are at such different places in their lives that she doesn’t want him to resent her.

It’s either he backs down or they break up and she would rather they break up than take away his opportunity of having children of his own.

How does Robert react to the news that Michelle is not pregnant?

He wants to keep trying but she says no, she doesn’t want to, she can’t. Obviously he is very upset about that.

Why does he begin to place the blame on Carla?

Robert is confused as to why Michelle is being so matter of fact about the end of their relationship, but she has to be because she has made the decision. Ryan sees Michelle and Carla in the pub having a heart to heart and he doesn’t mean to stir trouble, but he tells Robert.

Straight away Robert believes that Carla is at the crux of all of this and that it must be her masterplan. He starts to believe that Carla is the reason why Michelle has decided what she has.

Do you think Robert is brave to take Carla on?

Yes, he is brave to take on the Connors - full stop! Carla is very confused by it, because in actual fact what she has said to Michelle is that she should make the decision by herself and that Michelle shouldn’t listen to anyone else. Carla has only offered Michelle some really good advice, but Robert is looking for someone to blame.

What do you think it would take to break Carla and Michelle’s bond?

Obviously things might happen in people's lives, but I can’t think of anything that would jeopardise their relationship. They have been through a lot of ups and downs in life and even when they’ve had arguments, they’ve still had each other’s back. That’s generally the rule, where the Connors stand and they are notoriously loyal when it comes to family. Michelle can shout and call Carla names but you can’t do that!

What advice would you give Michelle?

I would tell her not to be so quick to leave her relationship under those circumstances - there are other options like they could have adopted a child or they could have done a surrogacy. She is scared of losing a child, but she is not scared of having one, so there could have been more ways forward if they wanted to try and compromise.

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