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Peter Barlow

Could the fiery relationship between Peter and Carla leave them getting more than just their fingers burnt?


Peter and Carla have always caused fireworks - they can’t live with each other but can’t live without each other. Both know this but try as they might to move on the chemistry between them keeps drawing them back together.

Peter had a blossoming relationship with Abi and a new adventure planned, setting sail on his boat but as his departure date arrives a vulnerable Carla realises she can’t let go. Peter was humiliated when she publicly shunned him at the factory, leaving in a cloud of resentment, angry at being blamed for saddling Carla with Nick as a partner.

Blighted by the rejection of the woman he was prepared to give it all up for did Peter lash out before Carla came after him, angrily damaging her beloved factory to hurt Carla the way she hurt him?

Chris Gascoyne Interview

How has Peter been feeling since the whole fallout over the boat fire?

Peter had been fully prepared to leave Weatherfield and Carla behind before the fire. He did care about Abi but she wasn’t really in his future plans. I think he saw going away as the only way he could have a future without Carla in his life, as seeing her every day wasn’t going to make that possible.

Now he is stuck in Weatherfield and his feelings have been growing again, especially with all the problems she is going through, his natural instinct is to try and protect her.

How does the list of pros and cons of staying come about??

It is Ken who makes the list but Peter notices that Ken has put Carla underneath both the pros and the cons lists. Ken tells him he needs to make his mind up about Carla before he can make a decision about whether to leave or not.

How does he feel when he sees her under siege from the workers in the pub?

Peter has gone to see Carla and finds her getting grief from everyone. There is no love lost between him and Nick, or him and Robert to be honest so he would always take her side against them and he is angry when he sees how everyone else is turning on her. He steps in to help but she throws it back in his face.

Does this help him makes his final decision?

I think up until that point he was starting to move more towards staying in Weatherfield and helping Carla and maybe try and make a go of things, but at this point she gives it to him both barrels and says some pretty hurtful things.

He realises then that for both their sakes he needs to leave Weatherfield.

Chris Gascoyne

Peter is pretty angry at this stage, angry enough to damage the factory roof?

Peter is hurt and angry, he wouldn’t want to anyone to get hurt but like everyone else he thinks the factory is going to be empty the next day as he has heard Carla say so. Could this be him lashing out against the factory, the one thing that has always come between him and Carla, her ambition and single mindedness that seems to override everything else? Or could he be doing it to try and help her as he leaves. He knows she is close to going bust, if the factory roof problems got worse then maybe she would be able to claim on the insurance and it would help her out. At the very least would it mean she needed him around. It is complex but it gives him motive.

What happens when Carla finds out he is leaving?

After what happened between them the previous day she knows she has driven him away and she chases after him to try and persuade him to stay.

Where is Peter when the factory collapses?

He is not on the street, he has just had his meeting with Carla, she has left then he hears about what has happened from Daniel, he doesn’t know whether to go back to the street or not but he knows that Carla is going to need him. Ken tells him he needs to make decision.

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