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Preview Pictures: 6 Unmissable Storylines

This week's episodes brings a new arrival, a hint of romance, some awkward conversations and a sad goodbye.

Saying goodbye

Steve and Michelle head off to the seaside with Ruairi's ashes.
Will they find the strength to say goodbye?

Leanne's baby

Arguing Leanne and Toyah get stuck in the Victoria court lifts, just as Leanne's waters break!
As Leanne contractions increase, she cries out in pain and grips Toyah hand. Will help arrive in time?
When Michelle finds out Leanne had the baby, she's emotional but genuinely pleased for her and insists she visits.
How will Michelle cope seeing a new baby so soon?
And excitable Gail organises a party in the Bistro to celebrate the birth of their baby.

Trouble ahead?

When Brian falls from Roy's good graces, Cathy suggests he cooks Roy’s favourite meal as an apology. Will Roy relent and agree he can stay?
Yasmeen remarks that there's clearly a spark between Cathy and Brian, Cathy's bashful, admitting she finds him attractive.
But how will she react when Brian invites her to join him for coffee?

Sarah puts her foot down

Sarah confronts Bethany who under pressure admits she stayed at Nathan's flat all night.
As their row escalates, Sarah bans Bethany from seeing Nathan again. Will Bethany accept this or has Nathan got her just where he wants her?

Jenny Bradley to the rescue!

Aidan's unimpressed when the order with Richard Drake is put in jeopardy.
But Jenny's pleased with herself when she gets a photo of Drake with his hand on his PA's bottom! What has Jenny got up her sleeve?

Liam could make things awkward

In the prison visiting room, Liam spots Maria and throws himself into her arms as Maria cries tears of relief.
Under pressure from Liam, Maria reluctantly agrees he can stay with Eva and Aidan.
But how will Aidan react to this?
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Coronation Street