Phelan Arrested

This is the moment that Pat Phelan is arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of Ken Barlow!

Phelan Arrested - Coronation Street - ITV

In Wednesday night’s episode DS MacKinnon told the Barlow family that Ken had not suffered a stroke and had in fact been attacked and pushed down the stairs.

In tonight’s (Friday) episodes the police arrest Phelan after his name comes up repeatedly in police interviews with the Barlows and, after hearing about how he rowed with Ken over the unfinished kitchen, Phelan is arrested.

Todd, Billy and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV

Have the police got their man or is the real culprit watching events unfold relieved that they are off the hook?

Tune in to Coronation Street at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV to watch find out.

The Suspects

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