Coronation Street

Picture Previews: Mon 29 Aug - Fri 2 Sept

This week on the Street: Maria is attacked, Craig uncovers Beth's secret, Alex could put a stop to Phelan's fiendish plans and Gary makes a stand for Bethany!

Maria's shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench. But pointing out she's already had her fingers burnt once, Maria hands her some cash and tells her she'll have to sort herself out.
Maria comes home to find a burglar in her house! Shoving Maria out of the way, she falls and cracks her head on the edge of a table.
Caz calls at Maria flat and is horrified to discover she's been attacked.
While tending to Maria's wound, Caz phones the police to report the burglary.
Maria and Caz comfort Liam but as Caz prepares to leave, Liam finds his dad's watch in Caz's bag. Will she be able to explain?
Craig's devastated when Beth admits to Craig she concealed the truth about his dad from him.
When Johnny catches the Underworld staff out for slacking Sean wonders who grassed them up.
We can't think who it might be!?
But are Jenny and Johnny about to be busted!?
Sally explains to Phelan how the building he intends to pull down currently houses a film club which Alex attends. Will this put Phelan's plans in jeopardy?
Meanwhile, Todd tells Eileen she's mad to invest in Phelan's project but is Eileen prepared to listen?
Steve lays the law down to Liz and tells her if she can't disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to find somewhere else to live as he can't risk losing Michelle.
Bethany's shocked when Gary turns up at school and tells the Head that Lauren is has been making Bethany's life hell and they need to do something about it!
Coronation Street