Coronation Street

Picture Previews: Mon 5 Sept - Fri 9 Sept

This week on the Street: Nick puts the frighteners on Steve, David gives Bethany's bully Lauren a taste of her own medicine, Sally holds a mediation session for Craig and Beth and Todd gets frustrated with Billy.

Nick drives Steve to a piece of waste ground and threatens to tell Michelle everything unless Steve moves away.
When Steve refuses, pointing out his whole life is in Weatherfield, Nick sends a text and Steve reels.
Michelle’s phone beeps, seeing that the incoming text is from Nick, Leanne nervously hides the phone. But when Michelle's phone rings in Leanne's pocket, Leanne is forced to hand it over.
As Michelle reads Nick's text, Leanne's heart is in her mouth. Has Nick blown everything?
Sarah ask Gary to come with her to Bethany's school meeting.
But Lauren plays the victim, twisting the situation to make it seem like Bethany is the bully!
Later, Gary warns Sarah to keep an eye on Bethany. Clocking their exchange from across the street, Izzy is puzzled.
Meanwhile, Lauren finds Bethany all alone and delights in putting the frighteners on her...
David returns and makes out it's time they all buried the hatchet. He send Bethany out for coffees and insists Lauren must have a free hair do.
As a delighted Lauren settles back for a blow dry, David reaches for the scissors...
And chops a chunk out of Lauren’s hair! David tells her that if she ever bullies Bethany again, it'll be her throat next time!
Lauren flees the salon scared witless - is this the last we'll see of her!?
Billy and Todd book a night away in a hotel, but when Todd makes an ill-judged joke about Billy's religion. Billy takes offence and quickly backs off.
Deeply frustrated, Todd tells Billy a relationship without sex isn't a proper relationship and storms out.
Sally’s not happy to have Craig kipping on the sofa but Tim insists he’s got nowhere else to go.
Coming up with a plan, Sally calls Beth and Kirk round for a mediation session.
With Sally acting as mediator, Craig tells Beth how hurt he is that she lied to him about his Dad. Will Beth understand his grievance?
With the intention of keeping Eileen out of the way, Phelan tells her he'd like to make her Concepts Executive, which will mean travelling to various design shows. Will Eileen fall for it?
Caz opens up to Maria, admitting she misses the army and is finding it tough adapting to normal life.
Realising Caz needs her support, Maria calls a gutted Luke and cancels their date.
Coronation Street