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Picture Previews: Mon 6th Mar - Fri 10 Mar

This week on the cobbles: Adam's deal goes badly wrong, Sarah and Bethany have a heart to heart, Sally gets bitten, Tracy's not going to like Peter's new money making idea and Cathy and Gemma go on a night out - eek!

Adam's Breaking Badly

Adam distracts Mary and helps himself to £100 from the flower shop till.
But as he’s about to head to do his drug deal, Amy jumps into Ken’s car with him!
Refusing to get out of the car, Adam is forced to drive her to the cemetery where she wants to visit Deirdre's grave.
When Ronan turns up on the street, aware Adam slept with Trina, it becomes clear the drug deal has gone badly wrong.
Adam’s terrified as Ronan drops threatening hints to an oblivious Tracy and Amy.
Having followed a bemused Tracy to Ronan’s house on a delivery, Adam is ushered inside.
As Ronan demands to know where his money is, Adam's forced to reveal that things haven’t gone as planned. Will Adam find himself on the receiving end of Ronan's fury?

Speaking From Experience

Bethany lays into Sarah for not trusting her judgement.
Sarah reveals she's worried as she once got involved with a weirdo in an internet chat room.

Daniel Seeks Advice

Spying Daniel looking lost in the medical centre, Rana lends a sympathetic ear as he confides about Sinead's pregnancy.
Rana advises them not to make a rash decision.
As Sinead celebrates her birthday, Daniel stares at a letter from Oxford University offering him a place on their MA course. What does his future hold?

Cathy And Gemma Go Large!

Gemma convinces Cathy to go out on the town with her...
What could possibly go wrong?

Trolling Sally

Sally's protest gets picked up by the Weatherfield Gazette!
But following the article Sally receives a number of nasty comments online.

Peter's Plan

When Toyah tells Peter how grateful she is to him for working hard to earn extra IVF money, he decides to continue chauffeuring Chloe.
Meanwhile, as Liz shows prospective buyers around the Rovers, Peter's struck by an idea.
Tracy's shocked when an estate agent arrives at Preston's Petals explaining he's been instructed by the owner to put the premises on the market.
As Tracy rails at Peter for pulling the rug from under her, Peter reveals his plans for the money to a shocked Tracy and Ken. How will they react?
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Coronation Street