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Things To Look Out For In Next Week's Corrie

Next week: Adam panics in court, Gemma's in trouble and Spider's up to something suspicious.

Adam Has A Panic Attack

Sarah hurries to the hospital when she notices she is bleeding.

And worries she could have a miscarriage.

Adam heads to court after talking with Daniel about the baby but is hit by a huge wave of anxiety.

As he stands their shaking and sweating.

Dee Dee sits in shock to see him crumbling in court, heading into a panic attack.

The Social Worker Visits Gemma

Out of frustration of endangering Bertie’s life, Beth calls the social worker.

Gemma’s forced to confess she was looking after six kids at the time and isn’t a registered childminder.

Which could mean Gemma will end up with a hefty fine.

Chesney turns to Kirk to ask him to persuade Beth to cut her some slack.

But will Beth back off ?

Spider's Up To Something

Toyah has her suspicions about if Spider is being truthful with her, and goes looking through his laptop.

But she isn't happy with what she finds and confronts him about it.

To make matters worse, Toyah is visited by a woman who claims to be Spiders wife!

How will Toyah take this information?


Reece wants Max to make false statement to reduce his sentence.

And Aadi has a crush on Amy.

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