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What's In Store On The Cobbles Next Week.

Next week: Tracy scores with Tommy O, Bethany's hiding something and Michael finds out the truth.


Tracy's onto a winner as she invites a street favourite into her house.

With his smooth talking he charms Tracy.

He tries his luck and leans in for a kiss. He shoots and he scores!

But what will this mean for Tracy and Steve?

Bethany's Hiding Something.

Daniel comes across a flustered Bethany in the cafe.

He tries to question her but she brushes him off.

Later, she holds everything on a meeting with Suki from the Gazette.

Will Suki be her lifeline?

Michael Finds Out The Truth.

Michael suspects Ed's was the one to start the fire.

Ed is devastated his own son would question him.

Later, Craig tells Michael important information.

Will this break their family bond?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street