Coronation Street

Preview Clips: Friday 26th August

Tonight on Coronation Street...


Aidan and Maria just need to act normal around each other - how hard can that be?

Keep it normal.

Aidan Connor

Nick's got an announcement to make and Gail's not going to like it one bit!Concerned about Bethany’s health, Gary drags her to the café insisting they need to talk.Phelan brings Vinnie in on his plans to scam the money from Eileen.


Eileen tells Phelan that Jason has come to a decision about investing in his development project. Is he in?

You're going to string this out as much as you can aren't you?

Pat Phelan

Is Steve's dark secret about to be revealed?Telling Aidan what a lovely girl Maria is, Eva resolves to find her a new man!Bully Lauren tracks Bethany down to the gym and makes cruel jibes about her weight.

Coronation Street