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Coming up: Amy and Summer take a stand, Tim's lies get him into trouble and Yasmeen puts her foot down.

Amy and Summer take a stand

After hearing about the recent Upskirting incident, Amy decides to take matters into her own hands.

Summer is shocked to hear that Amy was suspended for her actions so she writes an open letter to support her friend.

Mrs Crawshaw thanks Summer for bringing the upskirting to her attention.

But the girls are less than impressed with the school's new rules. They start a protest.

A reporter from the Gazette arrives, how will Mrs Crawshaw react?!

Tim's lies do more harm than good

Sally is convinced that Tim is up to no good.

After secretly putting a tracker in his phone, she's disheartened to see he's at a hotel.

She spots him with a bottle of fizz and two glasses, so she confronts him!

Later, Sally spots Aggie with a comforting arm around Tim!

She's furious, but as Tim plucks up the courage to tell Sally the truth, he’s suddenly wracked with pain.

He collapses, clutching his chest.

Will he be okay?!

Yasmeen puts her foot down

Alya tells Yasmeen she’s proud of her for donating the £30k to Joseph’s appeal. 

Yasmeen refuses to be drawn, Alya’s left hurt.

When Zeedan finds Stu tearing his hair out as none of the agency staff turned up, he quickly pulls on an apron.

But Yasmeen is still furious with Zeedan and makes it clear she wants him nowhere near the restaurant!

Will she ever forgive Zeedan and Alya?


Craig makes a bet with Tyrone that he's going to find out who the crutch belongs to.

Oh no!

Gemma is thrilled when Dev brings round a food parcel.

But Chesney refuses his charity!

Carla pops by the Rovers hoping for lunch with Jenny.

But she's miffed to find out that she has a date with Leo.

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