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Coming Up on Corrie: James plays for Extra Time. Also: Underworld enters the transfer window and Gail suffers a foul...

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James Plays For Extra Time

As James shares his Weatherfield County news with Ronnie he’s surprised to bump into a familiar face.

It's Danny! Who is very pleased to see him and suggests a cheeky lunch.

The next day, James is horrified to see pictures online of him and Danny, along with derogatory comments about his sexuality.

As James takes the stage at his promotion press conference he's asked awkward questions about his private life. 

James steals himself, what will he say?

No more Nick-ers?

Sarah’s furious at Nick when he drops the bombshell that he’s going to sell his shares in the factory! 

But perhaps there’s a silver-lining... Can Adam afford to buy in?

Platt Attack

Gail has had enough of everyone arguing all the time so heads out for some air. 

But she suddenly doubles over, clutching her chest in pain!

Can Sam get her some help?

Summer’s Denial

Are Billy and Todd being unreasonable when Summer refuses to go to her appointment. 

Meeting her mates at the Red Rec does sound more important...

Tyrone's Big News

Realising that an emotional Tyrone is going to Kirsty’s funeral alone, Fiz asserts she's coming with him.

Later, Tyrone reveals that Alina is pregnant, how Fiz she react?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street