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Next week: Adam refuses to be intimidated, but how much danger is he in?

Adam's Week From Hell!

Adam is livid to find that his windscreen has been smashed.

Later, armed police swarm his office after an anonymous tip off!

And when Sarah receives some flowers with a very ominous card, they begin to piece it all together. 

He vows to put an end to Jeremy Bremner’s intimidation campaign, but will it work?

Or is he in more danger than first thought?

Secret Boyfriend Reveal!

Tracy and Steve set up the Bistro for a surprise 18th party. 

But when Steve nips back home, he finds an unexpected intruder!

Amy leaps to Jacob’s defence, which makes Summer think that he could be the secret boyfriend. 

And it looks like her theory is right!


Gary comes home to find Kelly packing her bags.

Nina has good news! She's on the waiting list for counselling.

And Elaine's film night leaves Tim and Steve feeling a bit awkward!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street