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Previews: Horror Nation Street Week

Next week: A catastrophic rain storm wreaks havoc on the Street causing a collapsed sinkhole, a car crash, an escaped convict and revenge plans that go anything but according to plan!

WARNING: Don't look any further if you don't want to see what's coming up!

As Debbie makes last minute preparations for her House of Horrors event, nobody notices tiny amounts of earth dislodging itself into the Platts’ sinkhole.  

Later, Leo tells David and Shona that he suspects the sinkhole is unsafe and they need to evacuate the area, but will the warning come too late? 

Earlier that day, Abi can barely contain her fury as Corey gloats about his move to Germany, but as he packs his bags, she packs a gun into hers.

Hearing he’s at the event Abi goes in search of Corey.

But with everyone in Halloween masks it proves tricky to find him. 

Eventually she confronts him but as she goes to pull out gun the ground gives way beneath them!

Trapped in a Victorian sewer...

and with the water raising around them...

Abi and Corey face off… 

But will either of them make it out in one piece?

Meanwhile, Dev Aadi, and Asha set off on their trip. 

But as the storm gets worse they get lost on a country road and their way is blocked by a fallen tree.

Out of nowhere, a prison van collides into their parked car, ramming them off the road! 

As smoke seeps into the car Dev has to decide whether to help Aadi...

Or unconscious Asha first. 

Believing Asha to be in the most danger he drags her to safety, but at what cost? 

Kevin arrives at the crash site just as someone pulls themselves out of the wreckage.

It's Harvey - he's escaped!

And he's taking Kev's van!

Harvey is out for revenge.

And Leanne is caught completely unawares.

She tries to escape and runs for her life!

Can she get away?

That morning, Johnny tells Carla he's moving to Bali to be with Kate.

So of course, she immediately asks Jenny to talk to him.

Do you ever wish the ground would just swallow you up?

Jenny and Johnny would say that you should be careful what you wish for!

And as the water begins to raise, will anyone come to their rescue?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street