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Next Week On The Cobbles

Next week: Max takes a tumble, Craig makes a big decision and Tyrone wants to get professional help for Hope.

Mad Max!

Max lets himself into Daniel's flat and starts smashing up the place!

And when Daniel catches him in the act, he's not impressed.

Especially when he notices items with sentimental value have been broken.

He throws Max out, but it doesn't end well.

Will Max be okay?

Oh No!

Craig tells Faye they are going to do another full search of Ted's house.

The news horrifies her. What will they find?!

Later, Beth demands to know why Craig has quit the police force.

What will he say? Even coppers are still scared of their mums!

There's No Hope!

Tyrone decides there is more to Hope's behaviour

But the suggestion of professional help doesn't sit well with Fiz.

Naughty, Naughty!

Daniel and Daisy trade insults.

But things soon turn passionate.

What an awkward time for Lydia to walk in!

How much will she see?!


Tim tells Sally his mum is staying until he's better.

Sarah is very underwhelmed with Adam's birthday surprise!

Nina puts on a brave face as she prepares for Asha to have a day away in Glasgow.

And have Rita and Audrey buried the hatchet?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street