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Next week: Coming up on the Cobbles!

Next Week: Roy has a big decision to make, but will he leave the place that he has called home for so long? Also: Kelly struggles out on the streets and George helps Sam.

Roy's big decision

Roy is left feeling deflated when he lies to the police for Abi yet again.

Feeling overwhelmed, he makes a huge decision!

But Nina is worried about his next step.

Later, Roy is forced into lying to Carla.

And when she gets upset, it's the last straw!

Roy's mind is made up, but can Nina stop him from leaving the street he loves?

Kelly struggles

Billy tells Imran that he spotted Kelly at the soup kitchen.

Can Imran step in and offer the support that Kelly needs?

Or is she on a path to self destruction?

She's left feeling terrified and alone.

And just when she didn't think things couldn't get worse, she has a run-in with a drunken gang!

Will Nina step in and save the day?

Or leave Kelly in a situation similar to what she went through?

Daniel & Daisy sitting in a tree!

Daniel and Daisy are either bickering...

Or not!

George helps Sam

George sets up the telescope on the balcony for Sam.

Can this kind gesture help with Sam's grief?

Tim has a bright idea

Faye has a rough first shift back at the bistro.

Tim suggests that she could take over Alina’s sales job at the factory.

Will she go for it?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street