Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week on the Street: Robert makes a new enemy, Dev frets about Asha, Geoff continues to torment Yasmeen and will Emma discover a shocking secret?

Robert's in Hot Water

Robert and Michelle - Coronation Street - ITV
Robert tells Michelle that he will be away for a few days at a young offenders unit...
Robert and Michelle - Coronation Street - ITV
Will Michelle believe his lies?
Robert and Vicky - Coronation Street - ITV
Robert takes Vicky on a shopping trip, but will things go well?
Robert, Vicky and Jed - Coronation Street - ITV
When they return home, Jed's there spooling for a fight. How will Robert get out of this one?

Emma's Shocking Discovery

Emma - Coronation Street - ITV
As Emma's dad drifts in and out of consciousness, he reveals a long-buried family secret!
Audrey - Coronation Street - ITV
A stunned Emma tells Audrey that her Dad confessed to not being her biological father. Why does Audrey look like she knows something about this..?
Emma and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Steve finds Emma in floods of tears because she can't afford a coffin for her dad.
Emma and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV
Taking pity, Steve gives Emma a lift to the chapel of rest and offers to help pay the undertaker himself! Will she accept his help?

Dev's Worries

Asha and Dev - Coronation Street - ITV
Asha returns home and assures Dev that she’s had a lovely day out...
Asha and Dev - Coronation Street - ITV
But when she drops her bag and the contents spill out, she quickly scoops up a tub of skin-lightening cream. How will Dev react?
Dev and Evelyn - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Dev's worries spill out at the shop, which gets him on the wrong side of Evelyn! Will this trigger a war between the pair?

Carla's Future

Carla and Peter - Coronation Street - ITV
Carla tells Peter that she has turned Jo’s job offer down. What will she do now?

Gary's New Gig

Seb and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV
Gary employs Ed to oversee the rebuild of the factory, but will he give Seb a job too?
Sarah and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV
Sarah questions Gary about Derek's dodgy history, will Gary be able to ease her suspicions?

Controlling Geoff

Cathy and Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV
Geoff is annoyed that Yasmeen is going for lunch with Cathy...
Geoff, Brian and Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV
Will he take his bad mood out on her?

Bethany's Bored

Kate, Daniel and Bethany  - Coronation Street - ITV
Kate and Daniel talk about their life, but Bethany realises how empty hers is... Will she do something about it?

Driving Chesney Up The Wall

Bernie, Chesney and Gemma - Coronation Street - ITV
Chesney and Gemma are furious when they get a parking fine! How will Bernie talk her way out of this one?