Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles!

The Euros might be underway but there's more drama off the pitch in Weatherfield than there could ever be on it!

A Shot On Target

Having given his Mum the slip, Sam calls with a Father’s Day card for Nick.

Suddenly the sound of a gunshot echos around the Street.

Seeing Nick and Sam sprawled on the ground, Leanne and Steve race towards them fearing the worst.

Will they be okay?

Later, a determined Leanne takes to the stand.

Will she be strong enough to take take down Harvey for good?

Tracy’s Set Play

Emma flirts with Curtis until Tracy advises her that she needs to play hard to get and stop appearing too eager.

Will she listen to her tactics?

Strong Support

Summer is horrified to realise Billy and Todd think she's got an eating disorder. 

But as Billy tries to reassure her she faints again.

In hospital, Summer is diagnosed with type one diabetes. 

As she struggles to take in the news will Todd and Billy be able to offer the support she needs?

Sean’s Own Goal 

Sean hosts a seminar for new Double Glammy recruits.

But his conscience eventually gets the better of him and he decides to put it right.

Only problem? Daisy has just secured a loan off the back of the business to help Jenny buy the Rovers!

On the Defence 

Bernie and Paul put pressure on Gemma to allow Aled to have his operation.

What will Gemma decide to do?

Tyrone’s Howler

Tyrone is forced to admit to Alina that he failed his motorbike test. 

We're sure everyone will be very sympathetic about it.

Sharon Takes A Dive

Sharon packs her bags telling Rita she’s not safe from Harvey and his gang. Rita offers to give her the £10k to help her start afresh.

We’re sure Jenny will have a thing or two to say about that…

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