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Coming up on the Cobbles: Sharon Bently is back! Also: There's unexpected consequences for Tyrone and say hello to the new Golden Girls...

Sharon's Return!

Well here's a flash from the past! One minute Rita and Gemma are having a natter in the Kabin and the next thing you know Sharon Bentley strolls in, bold as brass!

Of course you know who Sharon is, but just in case... Here's a quick catch up

Unexpected Consequences

Emma clocks Lucas flirting with Alina and encourages her to ask him out.

Which causes all kinds of trouble…!

But ultimately leads to Tyrone and Alina going on a hot date… Poor Fiz.

Of course Tyrone never helps himself and inadvertently uploads photos of their romantic night to the family photo roll, just in time for the kids to see!

We're sure Hope will take it in her stride though. She's not one to lash out at Joseph, is she?

The Golden Girls

Brian tells Cathy that the trolls appear to have given up and it is time she came home.

But Cathy’s having far too good a time staying with Yasmeen and Elaine!

She's even got them all matching dressing gowns...

Aadi Attacks!

Aadi is appalled to learn that Corey has stayed the night with Asha.

And Aadi does the one thing that everyone has been willing him to do for months - he punches Corey one on the nose!

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